Elders and youth can broaden each other

By: Alexis Bentz

In a world where the only constant is change, we are continuously being introduced to new ideas, beliefs, situations and states of mind. As a result, our perspectives are often challenged. And this is true, whether one is a teenager or an older adult. Growing up is similar to opening your eyes. When you are very little, you are often sheltered from many of the themes and events that are... READ MORE

Books from silver screen to printed page

By: Dinah Rokach

It’s Oscar time. Catch up on this year’s nominees and winners. But don’t forget the Hollywood classics. Though one picture is worth a thousand words, these thousands of words are enjoyable to read. We’ll Always Have Casablanca: The Life, Legend and Afterlife of Hollywood’s Most Beloved Movie by Noah Isenberg, 336 pages, 24 black and white illustrations, W. W. Norton... READ MORE

Is speech therapy helpful after a stroke?

By: Robert D. Brown Jr., M.D.

Dear Mayo Clinic: My mother had a stroke six months ago. Her mobility has returned to near normal. She can read, and understands others when they speak. But she has a lot of difficulty talking, often struggling to find the words she wants to say. She’s frustrated, but refuses to go to speech therapy. She doesn’t think it will do any good. What does speech therapy after a... READ MORE

Ways to boost your retirement savings

By: Elliot Raphaelson

Saving enough for retirement is a challenge for most people. So why do so many ignore the incentives and tax advantages that are there for the taking? Perhaps they don’t know about them, or maybe they need reminders. With that in mind, here’s a list of steps to take to boost your retirement accounts. Take your employer’s matching contributions. If your employer matches... READ MORE

Have diabetes? Use a team of specialists

By: Matt Petersen

Diabetes is a complicated condition. It doesn’t just affect your blood glucose level and insulin sensitivity; it affects every part of your body — from your mind to your stomach to your toes. For that reason, people with type 2 diabetes don’t just “go to the doctor.” They go to a team of healthcare professionals, and for people who are newly diagnosed, this can feel a little... READ MORE

Understanding new State Dept. advisories

By: Ed Perkins

The U.S. State Department recently revised the way it classifies risks you face when visiting other countries. Each country gets a risk rating of one to four, replacing the old “warning” system. In practice, it looks like the new system will provide more useful risk assessments, but the utility of recommended precautions you should take in response to risks is underwhelming. The... READ MORE