Memory lane

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Did you serve in World War II, Korea or Vietnam? How did you meet your spouse? Did you love to shop at Woodies in Washington or Hutzler’s in Baltimore?

The Beacon’s website now has a new place to share your reminiscences. You can post your memories of days gone by in our new “I Remember When…” forum. Our first contributor, who is 92 years old, shared his memories of hitchhiking across the country in the 1930s and as a POW in World War II.

You must register before you can post on the forum for the first time, even if you have already registered with the website. To prevent spam, your first few posts be sent to the Beacon’s website administrators and then will be posted. If you’d prefer, you can also submit your reminiscences via e-mail to Unfortunately, we’re not able to post submissions sent by regular mail.