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Tooting our horn

Recently, the North American Mature Publishers Association presented its annual journalism awards. I am pleased to say the Baltimore Beacon once again won top honors for papers in the 50,001-100,000 circulation category. And the Washington Beacon, produced by our same staff, fared similarly for publications in the 100,000-plus circulation category.

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Breaking barriers

The ABC drama “Brothers & Sisters” revolves around a widow played by Sally Field and her five grown children, in whose lives she meddles incessantly. The series broke new ground last year when the 70-year-old character who plays Field’s brother was diagnosed with HIV. Saul, played by Ron Rifkin, is gay and came out of the closet only a few years back. In an episode last year, he gets a Facebook friend request from a partner from more than 20 years ago, discovering the man is an AIDS activist and has AIDS himself.

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Power of the people

I have great news: It looks like any potential plans to dissolve the Maryland Department of Aging have been dropped, at least for now.

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