Festival spotlights latest trends in crafts

By: Carol Sorgen

So, what’s new in the crafts world? More than 250 American craftspeople and artists will answer that question at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Timonium, taking place from Friday, Sept. 30 through Sunday, Oct. 2.The theme of this 35th anniversary festival is “New This Season.” It will showcase the latest work, techniques and materials of the jury-selected artists.Among... READ MORE

Theater workshops keep creativity flowing

By: Michael Toscano

“Everybody shake those arms. Janice, can you shake those arms?”    Patti Green Roth is trying to invigorate a group in a sun-drenched and well-appointed activity room. Several are in wheelchairs; others relax in a variety of seats arrayed in a semi-circle.“Up to the sky and down to the floor,” she cajoled, raising her arms. A few moments later, the petite... READ MORE

The lives of famous Americans in Paris

By: Hillel Italie

It’s hard to keep up with David McCullough at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.“I think it’s one of the real treasures of the capital city, really of the country,’’ said the 77-year-old historian of the museum during a recent afternoon interview. He was as excited as a school boy, walking quickly along hallways, up and down stairs, from room to ... READ MORE

Daughter writes of dad’s dancing career

By: Jacob Schaperow

Moon Over Vaudeville by Maureen McCabe follows the travels of tap dancer Weldon Barr from one gig to another all over the United States, with long stops in the Washington area.Ostensibly, it is a biography of the author’s father, a 1930s entertainer. But Moon Over Vaudeville isn’t all about Weldon Barr.It’s about a time period. The most fascinating thing about this book is ... READ MORE

Museum brings Civil War history to life

By: Carol Sorgen

Unless you’re an expert on Maryland’s Civil War history, you might not know anything about Christopher Fleetwood. But you should. This free black man of Baltimore led other black soldiers into battle and earned the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1864 for his bravery.Other Marylanders, such as Clara Barton and Harriet Tubman, also played significant roles in the Civil War. Now,... READ MORE

On display: the art of writing instruments

By: Carol Sorgen

Throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the art of writing long served as a hallmark of the literate and cultured classes. Hence every culture that has valued the written word has found ways to reflect the prestige and pleasure of writing.For those who made writing their primary occupation, such as calligraphers and poets, or their avocation, including wealthy merchants and women of... READ MORE