Paths to community service

By: Barbara Ruben

After 9/11, Tufail Ahmad felt that Muslim Americans like himself needed to become more involved in political and charitable endeavors in the larger community. As a result, he helped found the Montgomery County Muslim Council, which provides food to thousands of homeless and low-income residents, among other charitable acts. Ahmad and Ruby Rubens, a Silver Spring fair housing and... READ MORE

Lifetime of passion for music

By: Carol Sorgen

Ed Polochick considers himself one of the luckiest guys in the world. “I get to do what I love,” said the soon-to-be 60-year-old conductor of Concert Artists of Baltimore. “No one can be more passionate about their profession than I am.”It’s that passion that inspired Polochick to found the Baltimore Symphony Chamber Singers in 1981 in order to give area... READ MORE

Not retired, rewired for service

By: Robert Friedman

“From early in my life, the family motto has been, to quote my mother, ‘Se servicial — Be of service’,” said Felicia (Feli) Solá-Carter.So after a career in the Social Security Administration (SSA), Solá-Carter is spending her so-called retirement years training federal employees to excel in their jobs, advocating for Howard County’s growing number... READ MORE

Keep fit and happy with sports

By: Connie George

Players in the Palm Springs Senior Softball Association gather at DeMuth Park on Tuesday, Thursday and weekend mornings. The nearly 200 members are divided into two leagues, based on skill and fitness levels. Camaraderie among the teammates is high and most return every season.Photo by: Connie GeorgeAmong the Coachella Valley’s many appeals are its plentiful sunshine and beautiful... READ MORE

Providing kids good counsel

By: Barbara Ruben

When Joseph Monte began his counseling career at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington, Md., John F. Kennedy was president, Latin was a requirement for graduation, and nearly every student lived in a household seemingly straight out of “Leave it to Beaver.”Flash forward 50 years, and Einstein’s students now hail from 45 countries, computerized records have long since... READ MORE

Father and son get a TV show

By: Carol Sorgen

You probably won’t be seeing the “Real Housewives of Baltimore” on your television anytime soon, but ABC is betting that reality-obsessed viewers will make room in their hearts for “Ball Boys,” a new series featuring Robbie Davis, Sr., and his son, Robbie, Jr., owners of Robbie’s 1st Base in Timonium.Premiering on ABC-TV on Saturday, March 24, from 3 to 4 ... READ MORE