A space for artists to flourish

By: Robert Friedman

Nearly every day at her studio at the Howard County Center for the Arts in Ellicott City, Mary Jo Tydlacka works on her vivid canvases and charcoal drawings, some of which depict outdoor performances of Shakespeare. She is one of 14 artists who rent space at the center. More than half of them are over 50. “I do what I love,” said the 67-year-old Woodstock resident. “Art can be ... READ MORE

Following the road of dreams

By: Connie George

VJ Hume thought she would spend her whole life on the road, working as an entertainer from coast to coast across Canada and the U.S.“I was uniquely suited to it because I hate housework and can’t cook, so this instantly solved those two problems,” she said of the lifestyle that began in 1973. “I loved the adventure of driving into a new town and getting to know... READ MORE

Wise women reflect on aging

By: Barbara Ruben

During a spring drive through the countryside a couple of years ago, Dorothy Bailey’s 4-year-old grandson asked her if she was 100 years old.“I thought I would die!” she recalled, laughing. But the question did prompt her to realize that she was nearing 70. “I started thinking, ‘Where did the years go? What happened? And what does it mean to be... READ MORE

Appraiser brings history to life

By: Carol Sorgen

Talk to Ross Kelbaugh for even a few minutes and you’ll see why he was a successful history teacher for 30 years. Kelbaugh’s passion for bringing the past to life is contagious, a fact that did not escape the producers of the MPT-produced television program “Chesapeake Collectibles,” a local version of the internationally popular series, “Antiques Roadshow.” For the... READ MORE

Proud to be a political activist

By: Robert Friedman

Michael McPherson’s devotion to Democratic politics began with his first job — at the age of 6 — in his home town of St. Louis. “My family’s next door neighbor was the Democratic ward committeeman, and he was arranging for a meeting in his back yard,” McPherson recalled. “He was paying kids 10 cents to distribute hand bills about the meeting. In 1937, for a kid, 10 cents... READ MORE

Love after 50 still going strong

By: Connie George

Love and romance are such ageless, timeless concepts that even some primitive cave drawings have been found depicting courtship and the connection of hearts.Here in the 21st century, those sentiments are as alive as ever and — surprisingly for some — particularly so for the over-50 crowd.Advances in healthcare are keeping our bodies and minds in better shape for longer than ever ... READ MORE