Crafts knit enthusiasts together

By: Carol Sorgen

In addition to selling yarn, Woolworks offers knitting classes, and invites customers to hang out at the store to knit and converse with their fellow enthusiasts.Photo courtesy of Amy LeggGrandmas have long been associated with knitting, but it’s more than doting grannies who are part of the craft movement that has been sweeping the country in recent years.From teens, to millennials,... READ MORE

Cerphing with rock’s royalty

By: Barbara Ruben

One winter night in 1969, Cerphe Colwell hitchhiked up Wisconsin Avenue to the Bethesda office of radio station WHFS to pass the time with his roommate, who was an overnight DJ.He enjoyed that so much that soon he was a regular visitor, bringing with him armfuls of records by such groups as Buffalo Springfield and Jefferson Airplane, and bantering with his roommate on the air.A few weeks... READ MORE

Offering comfort for all faiths

By: Anne Ball

Spending day after day in a hospital bed can be a daunting, dispiriting experience. And winter brings added poignancy, when many patients are unable to join in family gatherings over major holidays.Fortunately for patients at Howard County General Hospital (HCGH), the Chaplain’s Office offers a program of pastoral care that sends caring volunteers to visit patients in their rooms to... READ MORE

It’s ‘game on’ for these players

By: Carol Sorgen

Since 1974, Nancy Sacks has had a standing Monday evening engagement. The 66-year-old realtor gets together with five other women for a weekly mah jongg game.When Sacks began this tradition, she and the other women were young mothers who all belonged to the same philanthropic organization. Forty-two years later, some of the players have moved on (Sacks and her friend Sue Belle are the... READ MORE

An ear that helps the blind read

By: Barbara Ruben

On a recent Friday, Bob Gallagher and Sharon Palmer-Royston skim the front page of the Washington Post, taking note of tongue-twisting or unfamiliar names and words — from Oded Revivi the mayor of Efrat, an Israeli town in the West Bank, to the Iraqi village of Tiskharab outside of Mosul.Soon, they will begin reading these stories aloud on a special radio frequency to thousands of... READ MORE

A look back at 70 years of TV

By: Frazier Moore

TV’s arrival, depending on how you see it, can be marked at any of a number of moments in the last century.Maybe 1927 — when 21-year-old Philo Farnsworth transmitted the image of a horizontal line to a receiver in the next room of his San Francisco lab.  Or maybe 1939 — when the RCA Television Pavilion opened at the New York World’s Fair with the exciting... READ MORE