Shall we dance? Absolutely!

By: Carol Sorgen and Danielle Rexroad

Christine and Lee Gedansky began ballroom dancing lessons in 1991 in preparation for their wedding. Unlike most couples, though, they never stopped dancing.In 2002, they decided to establish their own dance studio, Beginning Ballroom, “to bring real dancing to real people,” said Lee, who will soon turn 50.Throughout their marriage, the Gedanskys have continued dancing, taking... READ MORE

Taking a chance on romance

By: Barbara Ruben

Hillary Finkel discovered “it was a whole new world out there” when she decided to try online dating four years after her husband passed away — swiping right or left, catphishing, photo editing apps that make people look 10 years younger. Finkel considers herself lucky that she didn’t encounter anyone who had created a fictional persona, the definition of catphishing, and... READ MORE

Opposing views on immigration

By: Robert Friedman

Should Howard County become a “sanctuary” for immigrants, where county employees, including police and other law enforcers, would be barred from volunteering to work with federal officials on immigration matters or inquiring about the immigration status of those they encounter in their official duties? That’s the hot topic question that county officials and residents alike are... READ MORE

Many upsides to downsizing

By: Carol Sorgen

Roberta and Ira Greenstein had never lived in a city. So when they started to consider downsizing four years ago, they thought downtown Baltimore might be just the spot for them. In short order they sold their four-bedroom Columbia home, purchased a two-bedroom condominium in Fells Point, and have wholeheartedly embraced this new stage in their lives. While many people have intense... READ MORE

Still smokin’ after all these years

By: Rebekah Alcalde

When William “Smokey” Robinson, Jr. was a young boy, his godfather Claude nicknamed him “Smokey Joe” since they both loved cowboy films. In his early teens, he shortened it to “Smokey.” Though his dreams of the Wild West had faded, he still loved the nickname.Now 76, the singer, songwriter and producer was recently in Washington, D.C. to receive the... READ MORE

A resource for the community

By: Robert Friedman

Ms. D., a 77-year-old woman who lives alone in an old, one-story house in Columbia, was without heat as winter was approaching. She called her contracted home services company to repair her furnace. The company refused, saying they discovered two dead cats in the crawl space beneath her home where the work had to be done. A company spokesman said they could not deal with the health and... READ MORE