With siblings, it’s complicated

By: Carol Sorgen

Our relationships with our siblings are, generally speaking, the longest relationships we have. “They are with us throughout life,” said Geoffrey L. Greif (rhymes with “life”). “They’re like a shadow.”Greif, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, has been teaching and practicing family, group and individual therapy for... READ MORE

Leisure World designer moves in

By: Barbara Ruben

Back in the mid-1960s, upper Georgia Avenue was a two-lane road heading into farmland in Montgomery County, Md. But a 610-acre plot of farmland abutting the road  — carved out of the area between Aspen Hill and Olney — was about to become one of the largest retirement communities of its day in the U.S.Harold Navy, just a few years out of architecture school at Howard... READ MORE

Flood doesn’t drown most dreams

By: Robert Friedman

“I’ve lost everything — furniture, jewelry, glassware, sterling, crystal chandeliers — I’m lucky to be alive. But I’m going back. Absolutely.”Those are the words of Joan Eve Shea-Cohen, the 73-year-old owner of the Classics and Collectibles antique shop, which was left in shambles — like so many other businesses along Main Street in Ellicott... READ MORE

Relationships in retirement

By: Carol Sorgen

We talk a lot about how retirement affects our finances. But do we talk about how retirement affects our relationships? Probably not as much as we should, says Baltimore life coach Barbara Harman.“Retirement brings a lot of emotional changes,” Harman said. “Some people are prepared for them, but most are not.”Recently retired psychiatric nurse Pamela Worthington,... READ MORE

Area athletes go for the gold

By: Barbara Ruben

Sometimes slow and steady does win the race. Ask Mandy Whalen, who didn’t see herself as having much athletic potential during her early school years. “I was always the youngest and slowest person in my class,” she recalled. Fast forward to the age of 70 or so, when Whalen rediscovered sports and started to participate in the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO). This year,... READ MORE

Cop now writes crime books

By: Jennifer L. Waldera

After serving four years as a Marine, 25 years as a Baltimore City police officer, and 18 years as manager of an insurance fraud unit, Dick Ellwood took to retirement armed not with golf clubs or travel plans, but with pen and paper.Originally intending to tell the story of the four generations of his family in the police department — his grandfather, father and son have also served ... READ MORE