When cluttered living turns into hoarding

By: Valerie Lambros

There are probably many of us who have homes or offices that are less neat than we’d like them to be. Maybe there are piles of papers, files or books that we put off sorting because we’ve grown accustomed to them, and they don’t interfere with our daily routines.This tendency is common and rarely cause for concern. Unfortunately, for some people the accumulation of stuff... READ MORE

Don’t let your clutter boss you around

By: Fiona Morrissey

Clutter has many faces. It’s not always something obvious like a box of antique bank statements, a pile of yellowing newspapers or a bucket with holes.It can be a warm winter coat, a great book or a crystal vase. Each may seem harmless in itself, but if your house is crammed with excess clothing, reading matter and bric-a-brac, then it’s clutter and you need to take action.As a... READ MORE

How to find and hire a home health aide

By: Beacon

When Richard Foye was looking for a home health aide to live with his 97-year-old mother, he found the search daunting. One applicant was bipolar and admitted that she didn’t always take her medication. Another was afraid to stay overnight alone with his mom.Finally, Foye found a caring and capable aide. But “it was a struggle,” he said.Care at home can be a lot less... READ MORE

Ways to recycle practically anything at all

By: Beacon

You’re inspired to clean out your cluttered garage, basement and closets. But what should you do with your out-of-date clothes, ancient tube TVs and old mattresses?Long gone are the days of dumping everything into the trash and out on the curb. Here’s a rundown from Consumer Reports magazine of some of the most creative ways to get rid of unwanted... READ MORE

Is it time to move? Things to think about

By: Lisa M. Petsche

As people age, and especially if they have chronic health conditions, at some point they’re likely to find that their current home no longer suits their lifestyle or their needs.This article summarizes many of the reasons people have for moving, mentions some of the most common options, and offers tips for planning ahead.Reasons to consider movingFreedom — To reduce... READ MORE

Going to live with your kids? Be flexible

By: Kathryn A. Walson

When Mike Repak’s father passed away, he and his wife considered moving his mother, Maria — then 88 and suffering from mild dementia — into an assisted-living facility near them.But instead, the couple decided they wanted Maria to live with them and their two teenagers. “It was going to be a big adjustment for her without Dad around,” said Repak, now 53.... READ MORE