Medicare becomes costly for high earners

By: Mark Miller

The new healthcare reform law aims to cover nearly all Americans and to get our exploding national healthcare tab under control. But reform also calls for some upfront investment, and someone needs to foot the bill. Wealthy retirees — it’s time to grab your wallets.Starting this year, the most affluent seniors are shouldering steep increases in Medicare premiums mandated under... READ MORE

Wills provide peace of mind for the family

By: Elliot Raphaelson

Estate planning is one of those things everybody knows they should do, but a surprising number of people put it off until it’s too late, or do it wrong in the first place.Unfortunately, too many people of all ages hesitate to have their wills drawn up. There is no good reason to avoid that. If you die intestate — that is, without a will — you have lost the right to specify ... READ MORE

Are there funds waiting for you to claim?

By: Elliot Raphaelson

According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), assets worth over $32 billion are held by various states just waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.You may be entitled to some of these assets. I will explain how this property ends up with the states, and how you can determine whether you have unclaimed property you don’t know ... READ MORE

Get insured despite pre-existing conditions

By: Mark Miller

Over age 50 but under 65? If so, you’re at risk of falling into the pre-existing condition healthcare gap.In the current health insurance marketplace, it’s very difficult for people with pre-existing conditions to buy a quality policy at an affordable price. The problem disproportionately affects older people in this age group; they’re too young to quality for Medicare yet ... READ MORE

Books offer do-it-yourself financial advice

By: Beacon

Consider adding these recently released financial books to your shelf or e-reader (all are available as e-books). Look for more suggestions in upcoming issues.Debunkery: Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It — Seeing Through Wall Street’s Money-Killing MythsAuthor: Ken FisherPrice: $27.95Summary: Debunkery is the seventh book by Ken Fisher, the founder and CEO of Fisher... READ MORE

Social Security stops mailing statements

By: Mark Miller

What age should you file for Social Security benefits? It’s one of the most critical decisions you’ll make that affects long-term retirement security.One of the best decision-making tools to help with that decision is the annual benefit projection that we all receive in the mail from the Social Security Administration (SSA).But the SSA is about to stop mailing out those... READ MORE