Strategies to stop being the family ATM

By: Liz Weston

If you want someone to stop asking you for money, the worst thing you can do is say no and then give in after persistent pleading.Such “intermittent reinforcement” — granting a reward after an unpredictable number of requests — makes it more likely the person will ask for another handout than if you just said yes at the start, said Brad Klontz, a certified financial... READ MORE

Fiduciary rule means better money advice

By: Ken Heise

In a Harris Poll conducted in March on behalf of Personal Capital, a digital wealth management firm, 46 percent of respondents said they believed all financial professionals are legally required to always act in their clients’ best interest. Another 31 percent were unsure whether this was the case.Imagine those individuals’ surprise (and maybe yours), in the coming weeks and... READ MORE

Find out if the Equifax hack stole your ID

By: Lisa Gerstner

By now you’ve probably heard that Equifax — which as one of the three major U.S. credit agencies collect loads of sensitive data on consumers — suffered a massive breach, potentially affecting 143 million Americans.In the ongoing saga of rampant data breaches, it’s a stomach-churning twist, and it’s especially galling given that, as one component of its... READ MORE

A way to pick up a few bucks

By: Carol Sorgen

Barry Belle spent 30 years as a project manager for the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. But when the 75-year-old Pikesville resident retired in 2014, he still wanted to work — just not as much. “I just wanted to get out of the house two or three days a week,” said Belle, who’s now a driver for the ride-booking services Uber and Lyft, in addition to having private... READ MORE

Whether to work part-time in retirement

By: Brian Vnak

Some people’s retirement dreams consist of having the time to do what they want, unencumbered by the demands of working. For others, staying in the workforce on a part-time basis, either out of necessity or by choice, is a core component of their retirement picture.Keeping a hand in the workforce is a growing trend, and for good reason: Part-time employment in retirement is a way to... READ MORE

How not to get ripped off for car repairs

By: Tom Krisher

It’s the moment every car owner dreads. The mechanic comes out of the garage to say your ride needs repairs costing hundreds of dollars.Then two big questions pop into your brain: Are the fixes really needed? Am I being overcharged?There might not be a way around getting the car fixed, but there are ways to stay in control of the situation. But it takes some work and planning both... READ MORE