Visitors love Scotland’s misty Isle of Skye

By: Michelle Locke

Bonny Prince Charlie saw Scotland’s Isle of Skye on the run. He was fleeing government troops after his Highland rebellion ended disastrously at the 18th century Battle of Culloden.My visit was hurried, too, although due to nothing more exciting than a tight schedule — no redcoats on my tail.Luckily, even a short stay is long enough to glimpse why the Misty Isle of Skye is one... READ MORE

Dutch heritage colors Caribbean Curacao

By: Victor Block

Boats line a pier in Willemstad, Curacao, forming a “floating market” that delivers fresh produce and other goods from Venezuela to the arid but lovely Caribbean island.© Fotos593I knew that the Caribbean island of Curacao is unfamiliar to many people from the United States, but the flight attendant’s announcement still caught me by surprise.As the plane prepared to... READ MORE

Swimming with dolphins and stingrays

By: Fyllis Hockman

Their bodies were sleek and graceful, the skin soft to the touch, their demeanor welcoming even if a bit skeptical. Still, they were more used to this than I was. But I spread my arms out as instructed and flapped them in the water.Romeo and Paski, two of my dolphin snorkeling companions, then swam under my outstretched limbs, and we laid back into the water as though sunbathing. Then we... READ MORE

You don’t need a car to enjoy Dallas

By: John Lumpkin

Asphalt and concrete have defined Dallas since a north-south “central expressway” was envisioned in the early 1900s for a stretch of railroad right-of-way. Travel by anything other than an automobile can be challenging and sometimes impractical.However, there is a promising alternative — call it “Walking Dallas.” The development of the Uptown neighborhood,... READ MORE

A walking tour through Japanese history

By: Victor Block

Neon signs crowd the streetscapes in modern Tokyo, a city of more than 13 million people. Elsewhere in the city and around the country, well-preserved elements from Japan’s storied history remain, from the imperial palace to Buddhist temples.Photo by Luciano Mortula/Dreamstime.comThe traffic-clogged streets, towering skyscrapers and dazzling lighted billboards could be in Times Square ... READ MORE

Air and hotel deals no longer easy to find

By: Ed Perkins

If you’re looking for the best airfare or hotel deal, you can’t trust a single online source. The exact reasons are different for airfares than for hotel rates, but the net result is that the Internet is no longer able to provide what it once did: Easy and accurate one-search airfare price comparisons and quick identification of the best deal.The key factor for airfares seems to ... READ MORE