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Shall we dance? Absolutely!

Christine and Lee Gedansky began ballroom dancing lessons in 1991 in preparation for their wedding. Unlike most couples, though, they never stopped dancing. In 2002, they decided to establish their own dance studio, Beginning Ballroom, “to bring...

Taking a chance on romance

Hillary Finkel discovered “it was a whole new world out there” when she decided to try online dating four years after her husband passed away — swiping right or left, catphishing, photo editing apps that make people look 10 years younger. Finkel...

Technology & Innovations

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Get serious to protect against identity theft

Having someone else pretend to be you is now something that has probably happened to you or to someone you know. And it’s not as fun as it sounds. According to Bankrate, a financial website, 41 million U.S. adults have now had their identities...

Tech lets you play with your pet from afar

Technology isn’t just for humans anymore. It’s also for their furry friends. In Silicon Valley and beyond, a growing number of startups are selling devices to keep pets safe, healthy, entertained and connected when their owners are away. “Pet...

Fitness & Health

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These supplements support brain health

Smart lifestyle practices — including healthy eating, exercise, good sleep, and continual learning — help keep your brain in top form. Certain supplements also may help bolster brain function. Although more research is needed, the following...

Tips from the pros on how to lose weight

A food behavior researcher has tested a bunch of little ways to tip the scale toward success. His advice: Put it on autopilot. Make small changes in the kitchen, at the grocery store, and in restaurants to help you make good choices without thinking...

Law & Money

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Claim all the tax breaks you’re entitled to

Donald Trump’s acknowledgement last fall that he had not paid federal income tax in years left some questioning why they should have to pay taxes. “I think you pay taxes because it’s the right thing to do,” National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson...

Children may have to pay for parents’ care

When an older adult racks up unpaid long-term-care bills, who’s responsible for paying the debt? In a growing number of cases, adult children are being held legally responsible for their parents’ nursing-home or other care expenses. The reason:...

Leisure & Travel

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Avoid the crowds: visit Athens in winter

As a seaside metropolis with a lively outdoor vibe and dozens of picturesque islands beckoning nearby, Athens is more often considered a summer tourist destination than a winter escape. But if you’ve got more than beaches on your mind, there’s...

A bucket list trip to exotic Bora Bora

Somehow, I convinced my husband that the fifth wedding anniversary is the Tahitian anniversary. (The traditional gift, actually, is wood.) For years, I had dreamed of going to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The lagoon’s glimmering turquoise, jade...

Arts & Style

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Sykesville couple design an artistic life

Julie and Ken Girardini are married not only to each other, but to their art as well. The husband and wife design team have been creating contemporary metalwork pieces since 1990, working out of a studio on their 3½ -acre property in Sykesville....

Nominations sought for volunteer awards

Montgomery County’s Montgomery Serves Awards Ceremony will take place on Monday, April 24 at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, Md. The annual event will honor some of Montgomery County’s most outstanding community leaders and dedicated volunteers. “...

Careers & Volunteers

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Retirees can consult pro bono and for pay

When Community Ministries of Rockville began putting together a housing proposal for very low income families, it turned to the Montgomery County Volunteer Center’s Pro Bono Consultant Program for an experienced consultant.

Overnight relay event takes aim at cancer

When she was a Baltimore County police officer, Jane Irwin took the community’s well-being seriously. Recently retired, Irwin continues doing so, but on a different level.

Housing Options

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Use a gentle touch in helping hoarders

The moment the elevator doors opened, the stench was overpowering. Eyes watered, nostrils burned, fight or flight impulses activated. We hadn’t even gotten into the apartment yet — the trash was crammed so tightly floor to ceiling it was nearly...

Residents who look beyond themselves

Today, so many retirement communities take such good care of their residents, you might think they were waited on hand and foot, as my mother liked to say. Restaurant-style dining, a plethora of clubs and activities, pools, golf courses and state...

Reader Submissions

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UNDERSTANDING ABSTRACT ART: A Personal Exploration for the General Public

  What is Abstract Art?        Have you ever wondered what in the world the artist was thinking when s/he created this piece of artwork?  Does it have any meaning at all?  To me, sometimes it looks like...


Survivorship is more than a construct.  Psychologically and emotionally, it is a double-edged sword. Simplistically, its components are reactive to circumstances occurring in our lives. There may be one event or a situation in which many events...