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Country music is his passion

Mark Brine found his professional calling early on. Today, the 68-year-old writer and singer continues his long career in country music, saying simply (as country singers are apt to), “It’s my life.” Though Brine may not be a household name among...

Startups focus on better aging

Can you imagine a pair of glasses that can brighten and enlarge whatever you happen to be reading or looking at, responding to your voice commands? Or can you imagine a phone app that summons a trained driver in a wheelchair-accessible van to...

Technology & Innovations

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Tech devices give early health warning

A next step for smart watches and fitness trackers? Wearable gadgets gave a Stanford University professor an early warning that he was getting sick before he ever felt any symptoms of Lyme disease. Geneticist Michael Snyder never had Lyme’s...

New, happier returns for online purchases

As online shopping surges, so do the returns — and the hassles for shoppers trying to get rid of items that aren’t right. A few startups dedicated to online returns, as well as changes at some big stores, may make it easier. With the contest for...

Fitness & Health

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Falls take a rising toll on older brains

Older adults are suffering concussions and other brain injuries from falls at what appear to be unprecedented rates, according to a new report from U.S. government researchers. The reason for the increase isn’t clear, the report’s authors said....

Living drugs: new frontier in cancer care

Ken Shefveland’s body was swollen with cancer, treatment after treatment failing until doctors gambled on a radical approach: They removed some of his immune cells, engineered them into cancer assassins and unleashed them into his bloodstream....

Law & Money

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Biggest estate-planning mistakes to avoid

There are several common mistakes people can make when planning — or not planning — for what will happen with their estates when they die. The legacy you leave can either simplify the process of dealing with your personal and financial property,...

Why target-date funds are so popular

When it comes to building their retirement nest egg, investors are increasingly betting on the set-it-and-forget-it approach of target-date funds. Such funds, which are designed to minimize risk over time by gradually shifting from stocks to...

Leisure & Travel

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Visiting Guatemala’s grit and grandeur

My childhood home is gone and so is the Chinese restaurant next to it. But my street in the urban center of Guatemala City remains its bustling old self. Buses growl and spit exhaust. Cars race down the narrow one-way street. Stores sell...

Sublime wine, scenery in central Virginia

The masseuse’s golf balls gently rolling across my back in the dimly-lit spa put me into a Zen-like trance. So did the thick clumps of interrupted ferns carpeting the forest floor as I hiked, while the haunting, flute-like call of the wood thrush...

Arts & Style

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Round-up of summertime theatre options

I think we can safely say that a robust July theater schedule has solidified into a Washington tradition. Sort of a solstice festival. This time of year used to be characterized by mostly empty stages — with lovers of the art waiting for “the...

Exhibit displays 50 years of memorabilia

What do a vinyl recording of Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty,” a five-foot model for a towering fiberglass and gold leaf tree, and a photo showing then-Vice President Hubert Humphrey with heiress-businesswoman-philanthropist Marjorie Merriweather...

Careers & Volunteers

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Montgomery County volunteers honored

Dr. Miriam Kelty has kept very busy post-retirement — to say the least. The career psychologist and researcher now spends most of her time volunteering — from sitting on various committees and boards, to chairing organizations, teaching ethics,...

Retirees can consult pro bono and for pay

When Community Ministries of Rockville began putting together a housing proposal for very low income families, it turned to the Montgomery County Volunteer Center’s Pro Bono Consultant Program for an experienced consultant.

Housing Options

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Features that help sell your home faster

Homeowners are sometimes hesitant to upgrade when it’s time to sell. After all, you won’t be living there much longer, and home remodeling efforts only increase home values by 64 percent of the average project’s costs, according to Remodeling...

Home care aides provide peace of mind

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013, Pat Libhart underwent chemotherapy, which left her with neuropathy in her feet. The condition can be both painful and lead to numbness, and caused Libhart to need a wheelchair. To help her get to...

Reader Submissions

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UNDERSTANDING ABSTRACT ART: A Personal Exploration for the General Public

  What is Abstract Art?        Have you ever wondered what in the world the artist was thinking when s/he created this piece of artwork?  Does it have any meaning at all?  To me, sometimes it looks like...


Survivorship is more than a construct.  Psychologically and emotionally, it is a double-edged sword. Simplistically, its components are reactive to circumstances occurring in our lives. There may be one event or a situation in which many events...