Artist examines the subconscious and art

By: Robert Friedman

Columbia artist George Sakkal, known for making dynamic collages out of little bits of torn paper, is now concentrating on what he considers the biggest of pictures — how seeing and the subconscious interconnect in the creation of art. Sakkal, 76, said in a recent interview that he has laid aside his paper-on-canvas work to explore through written words the true nature of great art... READ MORE

A Columbia sculptor with animal instincts

By: Robert Friedman

What have we here? There’s an elephant with its trunk holding up a striped umbrella, a bear sitting behind a desk, a bird perched on an outhouse titled “Bird with an Urge,” and a “Sweet Beak” work with another bird tipping into a scoop of ice cream in a cone. These are but a few of the sculptured works created by Columbia artist Ken Beerbohm. About 10 years ago, Beerbohm,... READ MORE

Piecing together a new career

By: Carol Sorgen

Starting a retail business at the age of 66 might be considered by some as “questionable,” Gail Rosen agreed. But that’s just what she did last spring when she opened Andamento, her Hampden studio and gallery featuring fine art mosaics and handcrafted jewelry. “I built myself a playhouse!” said Rosen, noting that the gallery features her own mosaic art as well as jewelry... READ MORE

Communities offer opportunities for art

By: Rebekah Alcalde

When Sophie Ruotolo moved to the Residences at Thomas Circle in downtown Washington, D.C. at age 93, she knew it was going to be a “big adjustment” after living in her home in Florida. Fortunately, the move ended up being a blessing, since she discovered her biggest passion there: art. Now 98, Ruotolo spends most of her time painting on canvas using acrylics and watercolors, or... READ MORE

Silk painter shares her skill with others

By: Rebekah Alcalde

Living in Egypt as a child during WWII, Diane Tuckman recalls, “they were shooting Jewish girls in the street...My family and I escaped [in 1949] and went to France.” Though less harrowing, even in France “it was a very difficult time after the war, with ration tickets and very little housing.” But eventually, Paris became home and much more to Tuckman. For it was there that she... READ MORE

Retiree rekindles passion for painting

By: Robert Friedman

Former homemaker, beautician and banker Pauline Rakis is making up for lost painting time. It’s a pursuit she had put on hold for decades. At 74, she is now on a full brush-on-canvas schedule four days a week, at least six hours a day. One of the 25 artists who own and operate the co-op Artists Gallery in Ellicott City, Rakis spent many earlier years styling the hair of other women,... READ MORE