Happily, A Student

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Myra Tate

Choose something to study

And suddenly

Everything changes.


The most complex task

Does not look so forbidding.

 Everything changes.


Choose something to study

That has always beckoned and

Everything changes.


Make a commitment at last

To be consistent  - to accept 

The work, and everything changes.


Suddenly, what you have

Struggled with for a lifetime

Changes – and surprise –


So does everything else!

In small ways, but

Satisfying ways.


You take things out

And you put them back.

You make your bed.

You take out the trash.


You do your daily exercise

Without fighting it.

You use your electric toothbrush

You irrigate your nose.


The business of daily life

Is easier because you organize

Your day to fit in your practice.


You find yourself better prepared

And you take care of chores so that

Your mind is free of clutter.


A not-so- small change has done this for me

I am taking beginning piano lessons

Studying with a teacher I greatly admire –

And I want her to know that I take my work seriously


Things are changing. 

I’m having a very good time.

And my sense of self has grown.

Not bad for a seventy-nine year old

Singing teacher.