Greenwich Village: Still cool to hang out

By: Beth J. Harpaz

As a teenager in New York City in the gritty 1970s, I often hung out in Greenwich Village with friends. There was nothing cooler than buying a tie-dyed T-shirt in some little shop, or listening to a guitar-playing hippie in Washington Square Park. As an adult in the complicated 21st century, I can still recommend the Village as a magical place to spend a day, but its charms are different ... READ MORE

Making the most of your donor dollars

By: Sandra Block

This year’s seemingly endless string of natural disasters has inspired countless acts of heroism and generosity. But as the year-end giving season begins, some philanthropy experts worry that a phenomenon known as “donor fatigue” could affect individuals’ willingness to support other worthwhile causes. Many global crises don’t get much news coverage in the U.S. For example,... READ MORE

NIH offers tool to locate alcoholism help

By: Lauran Neergaard

The phone calls come — from fellow scientists and desperate strangers — with a single question for the alcohol chief at the National Institutes of Health: Where can my loved one find good care to get sober? The government recently released a novel online tool to help — the Alcohol Treatment Navigator — which provides access to directories of alcohol treatment providers and a list ... READ MORE

Couriers transport gift of life

By: Barbara Ruben

The snowflakes fell fast and furious, blanketing roads, shuttering runways and canceling Jim Frison’s flight. But what might be merely an inconvenience for some was a matter of life and death in this case. Frison was gripping a bright blue cooler containing recently donated bone marrow on its way to a cancer patient, and it was Frison’s job to get it there. With just 48 hours to... READ MORE

Beautiful books for everyone on your list

By: Beacon

Books that take readers pictorially to unique places and times are fun to peruse. They also make great gifts. Many books that are received as gifts become treasured keepsakes, especially if a thoughtful and heartfelt inscription is added. Moreover, a book of photographs with accompanying text can be enjoyed repeatedly and at greater leisure than a visit to a museum exhibit. Here are... READ MORE

34th Street retains its miraculous charm

By: Rebekah Alcalde

No doubt you’re familiar with the 1947 film, Miracle on 34th Street — a classic featuring a young Natalie Wood that challenges you to suspend disbelief and embrace the idea that Santa Claus is real. But you probably didn’t know there’s a musical theater version, penned by Meredith Willson, composer of The Music Man. The show debuted to mixed reviews in 1963 and was originally ... READ MORE