What’s behind all the talk about turmeric?

By: Judith Thalheimer, R.D.

The turmeric plant (Curcuma longa or Curcuma domestica) is a relative of ginger grown in India and Indonesia. This yellow-orange spice not only gives curries their rich color, it also has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years.Research on some of the chemical compounds in turmeric is finding a wealth of potential health benefits, but does turmeric itself live up to the... READ MORE

New technologies to improve your health

By: Kiplinger

“Connected” health technology is a godsend for people who want to grow old in their homes and retain their independence. According to an industry report by MarketResearch.com, the market for connected “smart sensors” is expected to reach $117 billion by 2020. Health tech lets users get help in an emergency with mobile medic alert-like personal emergency response systems; track... READ MORE

Robotic companion can make life easier

By: Rebekah Alcalde

Those who live alone and need some assistance to continue aging in place may get by with a little help from a friend — a cute white and blue robot named Rudy.INF Robotics, based in Fairfax, Virginia, has spent the last six years building Rudy specifically to assist older adults and individuals with disabilities with a range of tasks, and to serve as a sentinel in case of falls.Rudy,... READ MORE

Finding a new passion

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Long-time readers will note something odd about this issue. Well, maybe several things. But what I have in mind is that our cover story was written by me. I don’t do that very often, you may have noticed. So what moved me to do so this month? My personal story, in brief: I played piano throughout my school years, but pretty much put it aside once I got to college, and certainly... READ MORE

CCRCs update services to attract boomers

By: Jennifer L. Waldera

Residents of Broadmead relax outdoors on the community's 94-acre campus in Hunt Valley. Broadmead brands itself as a "dynamic lifestyle community," a shift from the term continuing care retirement community (CCRC) that similar facilities use, to help appeal to active baby boomers. Some other CCRCs now refer to themselves as Life Plan Communities.Photo Courtesy of BroadmeadBaby ... READ MORE

Strong performances in fragile Menagerie

By: Dan Collins

On the surface, it would seem that Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is out of step with our modern, take-charge, do-it-yourself times.A young woman, suffering from a permanent limp, lives like a hot house plant in a self-made purgatory. Meanwhile, her mother sees men as walking financial plans. Isn’t that sexist?Tom, the soon-to-be-prodigal son, seems like a stereotype... READ MORE