Where and how to enjoy fall foliage’s peak

By: Ed Perkins

It’s time to plan and reserve fall foliage trip accommodations and tours. And not just to New England — you can find good fall foliage viewing throughout much of the U.S. and Canada. Peak viewing dates move gradually from North to South between mid-September and mid-November. And you can view foliage displays in your car, on a bus tour, or on a train.Where to go. Start by... READ MORE

Exploring Beijing and its many attractions

By: Harriet Edleson

Beijing’s ultra-modern cityscape, including the angular headquarters for China Central Television at the back left of the photo, contrasts with the more than 900 traditional, pagoda-like buildings of the Forbidden City, which dates back to the 14th century. Beijing, with a population of more than 21 million, is China’s second-largest city.Photo by ESB ProfessionalIf you’ve ... READ MORE

Chicago helped give us national anthem

By: Don Babwin

Before every baseball game the crowd is asked to stand and “gentlemen” are reminded to remove their caps for the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Fans who can recite the words as easily as the alphabet will sing or listen to the story of a flag that continued to wave throughout one of the most famous battles in American history.What they may not know is that... READ MORE

Parking your car near an airport for less

By: Ed Perkins

If you have someone to drive you to the airport and pick you up, or if you live close enough to take a taxi or shuttle to the airport for your summer flight, you can forget about long-term airport parking.But if you don’t have a driver and aren’t close to your departure airport, driving and parking your car at the airport while you’re away can be cheaper than taking... READ MORE

Yosemite’s wonders of nature and light

By: Glenda C. Booth

Visitors can view (and sometimes even walk through) ancient giant sequoia trees in three groves at Yosemite National Park. Some trees are more than 2,500 years old and more than 40 feet in diameter.Photo by Yongyut KumsriThe sunlight creeps across Half Dome’s mammoth granite face, easing from steel gray to grayish-white to dull yellow-orange to a luminescent blaze orange. Sunrises,... READ MORE

Queens is king of Big Apple’s diversity

By: Victor Block

Not hungry enough for a sit-down breakfast, I munched on Tibetan dumplings purchased from a snack truck decorated with a sign that touted “Himalayan Fresh Food.” Lunch was a hurried affair at a five-table eatery where the menu special is yak meat washed down by salty yak milk tea.For dinner, I chose a small restaurant that gives new meaning to the word “eclectic.”... READ MORE