The Walters celebrates varied arts of Asia

By: Carol Sorgen

Stillness, serenity and an air of quiet contemplation are the sentiments evoked by the Walters Art Museum’s long-awaited installation, “Arts of Asia.” The visually stunning display of more than 150 works spanning 2,000 years explores the artistic traditions from diverse cultures and regions across India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. The... READ MORE

World class scenic winter train travel

By: Ed Perkins

If you want to enjoy spectacular snowscapes without the hassle of winter driving, take a train.Except in unusual circumstances, railroads keep their tracks open through snowfall heavy enough to shut down the highways. And many of them travel on routes with better sightseeing than you can find anywhere else.If you want really great snow scenery, you can’t beat Switzerland. Although my... READ MORE

Several good reasons to buy used goods

By: Liz Weston

Bedbugs. Weird smells. The possibility of imminent breakdowns. People have all sorts of excuses for not buying used stuff.Those who deliberately buy used items, though, say such fears are not just overblown — they’re also expensive.Katy Wolk-Stanley, a labor and delivery nurse, has a short list of things she’ll buy new, including personal care items (toothbrushes, makeup,... READ MORE

Probe helps surgeons get all the cancer

By: Lauran Neergaard

Patients emerging from cancer surgery want to know, “Did you get it all?” Now scientists are developing a pen-like probe to help surgeons better tell when it’s safe to stop cutting or if stray tumor cells still lurk.The device is highly experimental, but laboratory tests show it uses molecular fingerprints to distinguish between cancerous cells and healthy ones far faster... READ MORE

How the world works

By: Stuart Rosenthal

When I was six years old, my father took our family to New York City (where he had a business trip) for a vacation. Among many other firsts for me on that eye-opening trip were my first visit to a World’s Fair and my first musical on Broadway: Oliver! I was instantly taken with the idea of the theatre. I already played piano and liked to sing, and there I saw a child about my age... READ MORE

Try before you buy from online retailers

By: Joseph Pisani

Amazon is set to launch a service that lets customers order clothes, try them on at home, and pay only for what they keep. It sounds novel, but Amazon is actually late to the party. Several online startups have offered try-before-you-buy options for items including jewelry, clothing, glasses and more.It makes shoppers less nervous about buying online, the companies say, and also gives... READ MORE