A good problem to have: saving too much

By: Brian Vnak

The most fundamental financial advice — to consistently save — is absolutely correct. What’s less obvious, yet equally correct, is that you can also save too much.Your financial plan should not only help you to live better in the long run. It should also help you live better today. The truth is, accumulating more in savings than you will need for retirement can be a... READ MORE

Nervous investors look to dividend stocks

By: Michael Andersen

While most investors are publicly celebrating this record-setting bull market, many tell me in private that they’re nervous about the possibility of a downturn.People have different reactions when the market does so well for so long. Some are sure they should get out, but greed won’t let them pull the plug. Others are eager to get in on the action, but fear won’t let them... READ MORE

Widows need an attorney to protect assets

By: Renée Henning

Recently widowed women and their children are vulnerable. After losing a spouse, many women are treated poorly. They need a champion with expertise in estates, contracts, competency, and other legal subjects. As explained below, this area of law is effectively a “wronged widow” practice.For centuries, numerous people have profited from the death of a colleague, friend or... READ MORE

Let’s retire these five myths of retirement

By: Ali Swofford

After decades of paychecks, you might be counting the days before you can leave your job for good.However, your idea of what lies ahead in retirement years may be far different from reality. You need to be prepared for the fact that life as a retiree may not follow the script you wrote in your head.Here are five myths about retirement that catch many retirees by surprise:Retire-Myth No.... READ MORE

Praising volunteers of all ages

By: Robert Friedman

Janice and George Vanisko were “sort of embarrassed” to be heralded a few months ago by the County Council and the Volunteer Center of Howard County with the Dynamic Duo Award, one of several awards honoring county volunteers. After all, they say, shouldn’t we all spend hours each week helping those in need? Janice, a 76-year-old retired nurse, and her husband George, 82, a retired ... READ MORE

Certified used cars offer peace of mind

By: Dee-Ann Durbin

A certified pre-owned vehicle costs more than a regular used car, but it can give buyers some peace of mind in an often murky market.Certified pre-owned vehicles are used cars that are backed by an automaker’s guarantee. They’re usually newer cars, coming off two- or three-year leases.Certified pre-owned programs limit the miles the cars can have on them — under 60,000, in ... READ MORE