Finding art in Antarctica’s ice

By: Zita Petrahai

Not everyone’s idea of a summer vacation includes hiking through Antarctica’s frigid expanses for seven weeks, but Helen Glazer was dogged in pursuing the opportunity. She applied five times over a 10-year period for the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, until she finally got her chance in 2015. Glazer, who is 62 and lives in Owings Mills, is the... READ MORE

Don’t procrastinate rebalancing portfolio

By: Eleanor Laise

Rebalancing a portfolio is like going to the gym. You know you should, but it’s so easy to put the task off until tomorrow, or next week, or next year. That’s especially true when stocks, now in the ninth year of a bull market, seem to march ever higher. Shifting money from winning stocks to low-yielding bonds may sound tougher than tackling that treadmill.Older investors may... READ MORE

How diet can impact migraine headaches

By: Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Eliminating that morning cup of joe, consuming processed foods high in nitrites or monosodium glutamate (MSG), and enjoying too much alcohol are potential headache triggers for individuals battling migraines, said Vincent Martin, M.D., professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine. There are two different approaches to... READ MORE

Cookbooks to expand your holiday menu

By: Dinah Rokach

You may remember the Pillsbury jingle, “Nothing says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven.” When you open your front door, the aroma of home cooking envelopes your guests in a warm, welcoming embrace. In time for Thanksgiving, these cookbooks make great resources for preparing your holiday meals. Whether you’re feeding family and friends, or bringing a homemade offering to your... READ MORE

Poet publishes two collections at age 79

By: Alexis Bentz

Editor’s note: This article is the first in a series about local artists and poets, as we launch the Beacon’s year-long Celebration of the Arts, which encourages older adults to take up a new visual art or poetry, or rediscover a past interest. In the spring, readers will be invited to enter their works in a contest, and the winners will be exhibited at several venues. Last spring,... READ MORE

Bike downhill on Virginia’s Creeper Trail

By: Karen Testa

It was an invitation even teenagers who had hoped to be watching college football or playing video games couldn’t resist: a mountain bike ride — all downhill. Visitors to the Virginia Creeper Trail will find a remarkably family-friendly ride, adaptable to any skill level, and with scenery to hold anyone’s attention. With its broad paths and wide curves, the Creeper encourages... READ MORE