Residents who look beyond themselves

By: Robert Friedman

Today, so many retirement communities take such good care of their residents, you might think they were waited on hand and foot, as my mother liked to say.Restaurant-style dining, a plethora of clubs and activities, pools, golf courses and state-of-the-art exercise facilities, movie theaters, beauty salons — you name it, and there are places that offer it.But a seldom-heralded benefit ... READ MORE

A titanic, yet intimate triumph at Signature

By: Michael Toscano

Signature Theatre has packed a big experience into a small space with their stunning production of Titanic, in performance at their 330-seat MAX Theatre through Jan. 29. The effect is to concentrate the impact of the familiar encounter with historic tragedy, to make it richer and dazzlingly vibrant.The focus here is on the human dimension of this tale of hubris, hope and heartbreak. The... READ MORE

Dignity vs. quality of life

By: Stuart Rosenthal

I was struck by a thought the other day (happens now and then). I still haven’t decided exactly how I feel about it, but I’d like to explore it with you. More Americans appear to be moving to the view that capital punishment is not acceptable. Nearly half of all states have abolished it or had their courts overturn it, and the number continues to grow. Many arguments are made in... READ MORE

Vacation bliss in the colorful Cook Islands

By: Giovanna Dell’Orto

Swaying in a hammock hung from coconut trees, floating down a cyan-blue channel, or swimming in a cloud of tropical fish, all I could think was, this place is too perfect to be real.Aitutaki consists of a handful of small islands encircled by a lagoon in the middle of the South Pacific. It’s the paradise you always dreamed of, but never quite believed could exist: uncrowded,... READ MORE

When your kid is a financial train wreck

By: Liz Weston

Financial planners and credit counselors see plenty of examples: The grown son who lost a job, moved home and stopped looking for work. The daughter who constantly mismanaged her checking account — and turned to payday lenders when parents stopped covering her overdrafts. The father working into his 70s to support spendthrift children in their 40s and 50s.Kristi Sullivan, a certified... READ MORE

Ways to improve your cholesterol levels

By: Joyce Hendley

If one-third of Americans have unhealthy cholesterol levels, why did the U.S. recently change its advice to limit the cholesterol we eat daily?Well, for most of us, dietary cholesterol has almost no effect on the cholesterol that ends up in our arteries. But keeping your blood cholesterol numbers down is still key to preventing heart disease.Two types of cholesterol are found in the blood,... READ MORE