Strategies to stop being the family ATM

By: Liz Weston

If you want someone to stop asking you for money, the worst thing you can do is say no and then give in after persistent pleading.Such “intermittent reinforcement” — granting a reward after an unpredictable number of requests — makes it more likely the person will ask for another handout than if you just said yes at the start, said Brad Klontz, a certified financial... READ MORE

Music can be good medicine for patients

By: Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Jan Stouffer, who works as a board certified music therapist at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, uses music to help control patients’ pain and anxiety, to ease their adjustment to the hospital setting, and to promote physical rehabilitation. “Health is a dance back and forth between physical and emotional needs, so the two need to be addressed simultaneously for... READ MORE

How to reuse, recycle or sell old phones

By: Barbara Ortutay

It’s natural to get the phone-upgrade itch when the likes of Apple, Samsung and others keep coming out with newer models. And sometimes your old phone is just kaput.But what do you do with a serviceable but outdated gadget? Rather than relegate an old phone to a desk drawer, consider reusing, recycling or reselling it. Of course, there’s also the option to donate.Here’s a... READ MORE

An activist inside government

By: Stuart Rosenthal

Before Laura Newland became executive director of the D.C. Office on Aging (DCOA) two years ago, the Georgetown University law graduate had worked in public interest law and nonprofit advocacy, representing victims of domestic violence, consumer fraud and other issues. A project she spearheaded at AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly led to the creation of a new D.C. Ombudsman in 2014, and ... READ MORE

Columbia Orchestra going strong at 40

By: Jamie Lee Pricer

The Columbia Orchestra was born in 1977 with a handful of string musicians playing a smattering of performances. Today, it’s a full orchestra with 100 members with a robust schedule of sold-out performances. How has the orchestra grown and thrived in an age crowded with digital opportunities and pop music? Credit a breadth of programming, strong community outreach, and devotion by the... READ MORE

Repositioning cruises offer real bargains

By: Ann Cochran

Antonio Gaudi’s unique and ornate cathedral La Sagrada Familia soars over Barcelona, one of the ports of call on the Koningsdam’s repositioning cruise. Construction began in 1892 and is still underway.Photo by MapicsEach fall and spring, a quiet migration takes place as cruise lines move their ships from one geographical area to another. But these ships do not sail empty. They... READ MORE