All things French without going to France

By: Glenda C. Booth

The Fontaine (fountain) de Tourny’s 43 water jets are illuminated at night. It stands in front of the Québec City Parliament Building, which was completed in 1877 and stands just outside the walls of Old Town. The fountain was added just 10 years ago.Photo by Songquan DengStarting in the 1600s, and escalating in the 1700s, the British and the French battled back and forth over... READ MORE

A geezer relearns the driving rules in Italy

By: Ed Perkins

Italy is one of the world’s top destinations: Great beauty, great history, great people, and great food – what’s not to like? And one of the best ways to enjoy this fabulous country is to rent a car and drive through some of the great places.But if you decide to do this, you have to modify some of your usual driving habits. The last 10 days driving in Southern Italy... READ MORE

St. Augustine, Fla., America’s oldest city

By: Victor Block

The 90-year-old Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine crosses the intercoastal waterway. It’s far younger than the city itself, which celebrated its 450th anniversary last year. St. Augustine remained under Spanish rule from 1565 to 1821, which accounts for its ornate Mediterranean architecture.Photo by Sean PavoneIn 1607, a small band of settlers founded the first permanent English... READ MORE

How to use credit and debit cards abroad

By: Ed Perkins

If you’re heading outside the United States, you will have to cope with foreign exchange. And despite all those stories you see about currency “secrets,” what you need to know is really pretty simple.Overall, your best bet is to use plastic as much as possible: credit cards for big-ticket purchases, debit cards for local cash.When you use a credit card outside the U.S.,... READ MORE

Avoid the crowds: visit Athens in winter

By: Aron Heller

As a seaside metropolis with a lively outdoor vibe and dozens of picturesque islands beckoning nearby, Athens is more often considered a summer tourist destination than a winter escape.But if you’ve got more than beaches on your mind, there’s plenty of upside to a brief cool visit that avoids the crowds and heat of summer.Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, often ... READ MORE

A bucket list trip to exotic Bora Bora

By: Jennifer McDermott

Somehow, I convinced my husband that the fifth wedding anniversary is the Tahitian anniversary. (The traditional gift, actually, is wood.)For years, I had dreamed of going to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The lagoon’s glimmering turquoise, jade and cobalt blue waters, the overwater bungalows, the seclusion — for me, it was the ultimate bucket list destination.Some of the... READ MORE