Women face as many heart risks as men do

By: Densie Webb, R.D.

In the U.S., 1 in 4 women will die from heart disease — almost half a million deaths each year. Yet the perception that heart disease is primarily a man’s disease persists.An American Heart Association survey found that fewer than half of American women are aware that heart disease is their leading killer. The reality is quite different — coronary heart... READ MORE

Coping with increasing food intolerance

By: Matthew Solan

Who hasn’t eaten something that did not agree with them? But when your stomach issues become more frequent and severe, you might have a bigger digestion problem called food intolerance.Food intolerances occur more often as you age, since your digestion naturally becomes slower and your body produces fewer enzymes needed to break down food.“This allows more time for bacteria to... READ MORE

How to minimize pesticides in your food

By: Mayo Clinic Health

You try to eat plenty of fresh produce, but worry about your risk of ingesting pesticides. Most nonorganic crops — and even some organically grown crops — come in contact with pesticides, and may contain traces of pesticidal residue on the surface of, or even inside, the fruit or vegetable. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency monitors domestic and imported foods to ensure that ... READ MORE

Doing good helps body and soul

By: Carol Sorgen

Ever experienced a “helper’s high?”The term was coined by psychologist Allan Luks, who discovered that the act of helping others releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals in our brain) the same way that vigorous exercise or meditation does.Also, as with exercise and medication, Luks concluded that this biochemical reaction from volunteering results in stress relief, which... READ MORE

Can a vegan diet boost your metabolism?

By: Barbara Ruben

Dietary vegans follow a plant-based diet that excludes all animal products, from meat to eggs to milk to animal-derivatives.Some researchers believe following a low-fat vegan diet may help you lose weight, in part because it helps speed up your metabolism (the rate at which calories are burned). That’s the hypothesis of a study now underway by the nonprofit Physician’s Committee ... READ MORE

Never too late to learn public speaking

By: Lynne Strang

As a certified project manager and leadership development trainer, Amy Brener regularly gives public interviews. It’s something she used to dread, but not anymore —  thanks to a decision she made back in 2008.At age 49, Brener joined Toastmasters International, a nonprofit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.... READ MORE