Thinking about retirement? What to expect

By: Dayana Yochim

We spend decades dreaming of the day when life won’t be dictated by alarm clocks, commute times, meeting schedules and office politics.Then reality sets in: Retirement can be kind of a drag. And there may be 20-plus years of it ahead of you.While traditional retirement planning covers financial essentials — expected returns, inflation, withdrawal rates, portfolio rebalancing,... READ MORE

Seven ways to file your taxes for free

By: Sandra Block

Most do-it-yourself filers prepare their own taxes for one and only one reason: They want to save money.But tax software isn’t cheap, and hidden costs can sometimes blindside you. You might be forced to upgrade to another product midway through your tax return, or to pay extra to file your state tax return.Fortunately, the tax software business is fiercely competitive, and in an... READ MORE

How to invest wisely in today’s market

By: Elliot Raphaelson

Many readers have written asking for advice about how to invest for consistent income in 2017 with minimal risk.As I have emphasized many times, it’s impossible to reap high returns on your investments — whether it’s in the form of income or equity appreciation — without assuming some risk.That being said, it is possible to anticipate likely occurrences in 2017 and... READ MORE

The best ways to deal with debt collectors

By: Sarah Skidmore Sell

It’s a scary place to be — in debt and afraid.A new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report found that more than one in four consumers felt threatened when contacted by debt collectors. The first-ever national survey of consumer experiences with debt collectors found that consumers often faced calls that came too often, at odd hours, and contained warnings of jail time and... READ MORE

Car buyers will find good deals this year

By: Dee-Ann Durbin

U.S. car shoppers will find plentiful deals, relatively low interest rates, and lots of high-tech choices in the market this year.“It’s a good time to buy a car now, and it should be for the rest of the year,” said Jessica Caldwell, an analyst with the car-shopping site sales hit a record of 17.55 million in the U.S. last year. While they’re... READ MORE

As tax season approaches, beware scams

By: Tina Orem

Last summer, Cindy Hockenberry decided she’d had it with threatening phone calls claiming she was behind on her taxes.“One day — I’m not kidding you — I got called three times,” she said.Sometimes the calls were automated. But once, when she got a call from a live person, Hockenberry — who happens to be the director of education and research at the... READ MORE