Good times in Louisiana Cajun country

By: Glenda C. Booth

Each year, the town of Mamou, La., like many in the Cajun country of Louisiana, holds a colorful and raucous Mardi Gras celebration on the day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.© Philip Gould/Lafayette TravelLet the good times roll, they say. In French, “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” And roll they do in southern Louisiana’s Cajun Country.Locals ... READ MORE

Vacation bliss in the colorful Cook Islands

By: Giovanna Dell’Orto

Swaying in a hammock hung from coconut trees, floating down a cyan-blue channel, or swimming in a cloud of tropical fish, all I could think was, this place is too perfect to be real.Aitutaki consists of a handful of small islands encircled by a lagoon in the middle of the South Pacific. It’s the paradise you always dreamed of, but never quite believed could exist: uncrowded,... READ MORE

Visitors love Scotland’s misty Isle of Skye

By: Michelle Locke

Bonny Prince Charlie saw Scotland’s Isle of Skye on the run. He was fleeing government troops after his Highland rebellion ended disastrously at the 18th century Battle of Culloden.My visit was hurried, too, although due to nothing more exciting than a tight schedule — no redcoats on my tail.Luckily, even a short stay is long enough to glimpse why the Misty Isle of Skye is one... READ MORE