Helping immigrants feel at home

By: Barbara Ruben

When Vivien Hsueh arrived in Pennsylvania from Hong Kong with a full scholarship to Harcum Junior College in the early 1960s, she found herself one of the only Asians there, and 8,000 miles from anyone she knew. As she went on to study the nascent field of computer science, her choice was rarer still — a woman in a field nearly completely occupied by men. So Hsueh (pronounced... READ MORE

Eye implant allows clear close-up vision

By: Lauran Neergaard

Squinting while texting? Always losing your reading glasses? An eye implant that takes about 10 minutes to put in place is the newest in a list of surgical repairs for the blurry close-up vision known as presbyopia, a bane of middle age.But who’s really a good candidate to toss their specs?“It’s not bringing anybody back to being 20 again,” cautioned Dr. Shilpa Rose, ... READ MORE

Heart study seeks healthy volunteers

By: Carol Sorgen

Resveratrol is a compound found in the leaves and skin of grapes, in peanuts, and in the roots of the Japanese knotweed plant. It became popularly known in the 1990s, when researchers began to suspect that resveratrol may be the major reason for the positive effect of wine on cardiovascular health.Since then, studies have found that resveratrol has a number of biological effects on blood... READ MORE

Games, crafts may help prevent dementia

By: Lindsey Tanner

Even in your 70s and beyond, simple activities — including web-surfing, playing bridge and socializing — can stave off mental decline, new research says. Benefits were greatest in computer users and in those without a gene variation linked with Alzheimer’s disease. But even among seniors with that genetic trait, mental decline that sometimes precedes dementia was less ... READ MORE

Let your mind wander to lessen anxiety

By: Dr. Srini Pillay

When we think of anxiety disorders, we generally think of them as uncomfortable emotional responses to threat. These responses may include symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, trembling or absolute paralysis.While there is nothing inherently wrong in thinking about anxiety this way, a recent study pointed out that there is an entirely different way of thinking about ... READ MORE

Sciatica can resolve with time, treatments

By: Randy Shelerud, M.D.

Dear Mayo Clinic:Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with sciatica. I didn’t have much pain initially, but it has been extremely painful the past few days — usually when I’m sitting. Would physical therapy be an option for treatment? I don’t like to take medications for pain. Are there other treatments I should try? Could surgery help? Answer: Sciatica can cause... READ MORE