A little alcohol OK with most antibiotics

By: Dr. Robert H. Shmerling

Q: My doctor prescribed a 10-day course of antibiotics for a persistent sinus infection. I usually have wine with the dinner. Do I need to stop drinking? A: I’d heard the warning to avoid mixing alcohol and antibiotics from friends and family while growing up. But during medical school, I only heard it in reference to a specific antibiotic, metronidazole (Flagyl). People who take... READ MORE

Be a happy camper with your grandchild

By: Alexis Bentz

If you attended a camp as a child or teenager, you might remember the meaningful experiences you enjoyed, or the long-lasting friendships you forged. You may also yearn to go back to those days of s’mores, sing-alongs and summer sun. The good news? Just because you are no longer a kid doesn’t mean you can’t go to camp. There has been a recent increase in the number of... READ MORE

FDA proposes crackdown on homeopathy

By: Matthew Perrone

U.S. health officials plan to crack down on a growing number of unproven alternative remedies, focusing on products containing dangerous ingredients that have occasionally been linked to serious injury and death. The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a new proposal for regulating homeopathic medicines that have long been on the fringe of mainstream medicine. The agency... READ MORE

Ways to reduce fall risk and injuries

By: Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

It can happen to anyone at any time. One minute you’re on your feet; the next you’re on the ground. Falls are the leading cause of all non-fatal injuries, and the most common reason for visits to the emergency room. One in five falls results in a significant injury, such as head trauma or broken wrists, hips, legs or ankles. Falls are also the second leading cause of injury-related... READ MORE

Getting stronger can help prevent falls

By: Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior: I’ve fallen several times over the past year, and my doctor has recommended that I start a strength-training program to help prevent future falls. But at age 72, I’ve never lifted weights before and could use some help. What can you tell me?  — Looking for Help Dear Looking: Weak leg muscles and poor balance are two of the biggest factors that cause older ... READ MORE

Qs on grass-fed dairy, choline supplements

By: Environmental Nutrition

Q: Are grass-fed dairy products a good choice? A: Dairy products labeled as "grassfed" market their products as coming from cows exclusively fed grass instead of the grain rations that conventionally-raised cows typically consume. But what does this term really mean? In 2016, the USDA withdrew support for grass-fed marketing claims, thus they no longer have an official definition of the... READ MORE