Is more tech in mutual funds a good thing?

By: Stan Choe

As technology takes over more of people’s daily lives, it’s also taking over ever-bigger chunks of their retirement accounts. Surging prices for technology stocks around the world mean the industry is making up a larger proportion of global markets. In the United States, Apple, Google’s parent company, and other tech companies account for nearly 24 percent of the Standard &... READ MORE

Silk painter shares her skill with others

By: Rebekah Alcalde

Living in Egypt as a child during WWII, Diane Tuckman recalls, “they were shooting Jewish girls in the street...My family and I escaped [in 1949] and went to France.” Though less harrowing, even in France “it was a very difficult time after the war, with ration tickets and very little housing.” But eventually, Paris became home and much more to Tuckman. For it was there that she... READ MORE

Scientists explore music’s healing power

By: Lauran Neergaard

Like a friendly Pied Piper, the violinist keeps up a toe-tapping beat as dancers weave through busy hospital hallways and into the chemotherapy unit, patients looking up in surprised delight. Upstairs, a cellist strums an Irish folk tune for a patient in intensive care. Music increasingly is becoming a part of patient care — although it’s still pretty unusual to see roving performers ... READ MORE

Pros and cons of buying products online

By: Anya Kamenetz

Have you ever thought about buying a pair of pants online without trying them in real life? Or a pair of glasses? Or even a mattress? While using Facebook or Instagram, listening to podcasts or just browsing the web, you may have come across ads from brands like Betabrand, Warby Parker, Casper or Harry’s. These companies represent a growing niche in the retail marketplace: direct to ... READ MORE

Despite concerns, bull market continues

By: Stan Choe

Wall Street is forecasting another year of gains for stocks in 2018, even as worries rise that the end may be nearing for one of the market’s greatest runs in history. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index has nearly quadrupled since the dark days of early 2009, and this bull run of eight-plus years is well into old-age status. Only the rally of 1990 to 2000 lasted longer. But... READ MORE

Missions to help heal the world

By: Barbara Ruben

In the remote village of Cerro Iglesias, in a mountainous region of Panama, Pastor Micah Davis arduously mixed cement by hand and spread it to create bases for huge water storage containers that would pave the way for the village’s first running water. Then, Davis went to a nearby city to pick up supplies when a torrential rain began to fall. “It was just [coming down as] solid... READ MORE