Qs on grass-fed dairy, choline supplements

By: Environmental Nutrition

Q: Are grass-fed dairy products a good choice? A: Dairy products labeled as "grassfed" market their products as coming from cows exclusively fed grass instead of the grain rations that conventionally-raised cows typically consume. But what does this term really mean? In 2016, the USDA withdrew support for grass-fed marketing claims, thus they no longer have an official definition of the... READ MORE

Constant phone access may not be so smart

By: Dr. Robert H. Shmerling

Imagine you were asked to complete a series of math problems, ones just hard enough to require your attention and focus, but nothing you couldn't handle. Now, imagine you were intermittently interrupted from these math problems and asked to remember a random list of letters. This might be even tougher. It's reasonable to assume your performance on these tasks might be impaired by... READ MORE