Testing acupuncture against side effects

By: Carol Sorgen

Studies have shown that complementary medical therapies, such as acupuncture, can be highly effective in controlling symptoms of disease without the unpleasant side effects many traditional therapies have. GBMC and Mend Acupuncture are currently conducting a study to look at the use of acupuncture during cancer treatment as a cost-effective, non-drug tool for symptom management. The... READ MORE

How to keep your kidneys healthy as you age

By: Clarissa Cho

Q: I recently was told that kidney function declines with age, and was wondering what I could do to keep my kidneys healthy? A: As we grow older, our kidneys undergo a gradual decline, even for people who do not have kidney disease. One major function of the kidneys is to remove waste products as well as excess fluid from the body through urine output. The kidneys also help... READ MORE

Address daughter-in-law issues directly

By: Helen Oxenberg

Dear Solutions: My daughter-in-law came to stay at my house for a few days while she had a job close to where I live but far from where she lives. Without going into details, she just ignored certain ways I do things in my home, and acted as if I could be ignored. I asked her to go to dinner with me, and it was arranged —until her friend called, and then she just broke our... READ MORE

Try these beauty tips from a pharmacist

By: Suzy Cohen

No matter what your age, you always want to look your absolute best. Throughout my life, I’ve learned all kinds of beauty tips and tricks from reading, talking to friends, and getting to know a few make-up artists when I appeared as a guest on TV shows. I always ‘pumped’ these girls to get their secret beauty tips while sitting in their chair and getting made up. I recall one... READ MORE

Coconut milk and curry elevate chicken dish

By: Melissa D’Arabian

Boneless skinless chicken breasts save the day for so many busy folks who want to get a lean, protein-filled, affordable dinner on the table in a hurry. I always have a package or two in my freezer. I buy them when they are on super-sale (which they are every four to six weeks in my experience) and freeze them. Even if I forget to pop the frozen chicken in the fridge to thaw the night ... READ MORE

‘Memory books’ can spark recollections

By: Melissa Rayworth

Family photo albums can help jog an elderly friend or relative’s memories, but consider taking the photo book idea one step further: Create a “memory book” that combines personal photos with brief family stories and historical information. These can be used to help people struggling with memory loss, and give younger family members a window into older relatives’ lives. Memory... READ MORE