A call to action by all drivers

By: Bob Levey

My friend Ted is a solid citizen and a dutiful sort. He pays his taxes on time. He does the family grocery shopping cheerfully. When his 90-something parents need something, Ted arranges it, even though he and they live 1,500 miles apart. But sometimes your true nature pops out at moments when you don’t have time to think about it. So it went for Ted one recent evening. He was... READ MORE

D.C. insider turned film writer

By: Barbara Ruben

As Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, K.C. Bailey never imagined she’d one day be writing and producing a feature film. She spent her days working on nuclear weapons nonproliferation policy during the waning days of the Cold War, wrote books on arms control, disarmament and UN weapons inspections, and regularly testified before Congress. “Every week, I’d brief Senate and House ... READ MORE

Artist examines the subconscious and art

By: Robert Friedman

Columbia artist George Sakkal, known for making dynamic collages out of little bits of torn paper, is now concentrating on what he considers the biggest of pictures — how seeing and the subconscious interconnect in the creation of art. Sakkal, 76, said in a recent interview that he has laid aside his paper-on-canvas work to explore through written words the true nature of great art... READ MORE

A philosopher explores the midlife crisis

By: Carol Sorgen

We’ve probably all been there. That question we ask ourselves when we hit our middle years: Is this all there is? For some of us, the so-called midlife crisis can hit in our 30s, for some not until their 40s or even 50s. No matter how successful we may be, personally and professionally, the realization that there are fewer years ahead of us than behind us, that our waistline may be... READ MORE

Energetic cast enlivens Disney’s Newsies

By: Barbara Ruben

The ragtag group of orphans and homeless youth who hawked newspapers on street corners in 1899 never could have dreamed how the delivery of news would be transformed 120 years in the future. Nor could they have imagined that their story would be danced across stages throughout the country. But the story told by Newsies has quite literally leapt from a dusty corner of history into an... READ MORE

Reducing opioids’ heavy toll

By: Robert Friedman

Ellicott City resident Barbara Allen — who lost a son, a brother and a niece to drug addiction — has become a key player in Howard County’s battle to stem the growing opioid crisis among its citizens, which includes many victims 50 and older. She has been appointed chair of the newly formed Opioid Crisis Community Council, intended to help the county rev up its fight against the... READ MORE