Celebrating a visionary’s success

By: Carol Sorgen

Rebecca Hoffberger, founder and director of the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), turns 66 in late September. Most years, her birthday celebration is a cake shared with her staff as they install the upcoming year’s annual exhibition. This year, however, Hoffberger wants a different kind of celebration: She has chosen to honor a few of the individuals who inspire her through “an... READ MORE

Holly Lawn: Damaged home transformed

By: Martha Steger

A news story — especially one about a violent storm — takes on a life of its own. So it is with this year’s Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House at 4015 Hermitage Rd. The home chosen by the RSOL every other year, which area designers decorate, always brings “oohs” and “aahs” from visitors. But this year’s house will resonate with Richmond residents for... READ MORE

When the old family car was like a friend

By: Bob Levey

It was another red light among thousands. Three lanes heading in my direction. I sighed to a stop in the middle one. Then I looked to my left. There, huffing and snorting like the relic it was, I spied a 1978 Ford station wagon. The wagon was red over black. Its rear gate was slightly ajar — probably the result of a fender bender. Its hood was slightly bent — maybe the result of a ... READ MORE