At 90, Dave Brubeck continues to swing

By: Charles J. Gans
Posted on: March 09, 2011

Dave Brubeck gingerly made his way to the bandstand through a packed Blue Note jazz club in New York, and a smile lit up his face after he sat down at the piano and began playing a Duke Ellington medley he dedicated to “my favorite jazz composer, pianist, musician and friend.”Brubeck mixed standards and originals drawn from his nearly 70-year career in a 90-minute set that left... READ MORE

A wide choice in local theatre productions

By: Carol Sorgen
Posted on: February 16, 2011

From musicals to comedies to drama, Baltimore’s theaters are jumping this month. Here’s a look at some of the offerings on local stages.Running through Feb. 27 at the Hippodrome is the award-winning musical Jersey Boys, based on the story of the 1960s pop group the Four Seasons. The musical opened on Broadway in 2005 and has been on a North American national tour, playing in Las ... READ MORE

It takes a village to make quilts like these

By: Carol Sorgen
Posted on: February 16, 2011

The history of American quilting is nearly as old as the history of the United States itself. Quilting originated in the Colonial era when women of a community would come together to make quilts by hand.Though modern technology has given individual quilters the option of sewing by machine, the tradition of hand-sewing quilts in quilting circles — groups of people (usually women)... READ MORE

Boxer drama shows real fight is internal

By: Michael Toscano
Posted on: February 08, 2011

Rod Serling was one of the best writers television has ever had. His keen eye for unique characters and situations, combined with sharp and incisive dialogue, was first put to good use in what is often called the “golden age” of television.Those were the early years of the medium, the 1950s, when much of the programming was live and featured original, New York-based drama.Those... READ MORE

‘Life,’ according to the Stones’ Keith

By: Hillel Italie
Posted on: February 08, 2011

Mother Nature knows how to welcome Keith Richards.The afternoon is sunny minutes before Richards is to be interviewed at his manager’s office in downtown Manhattan — a veritable Keith shrine with posters and pictures on the wall, and a director’s chair with his name on it, ready for him to be seated.At the top of the hour, the clouds darken. The door swings open and the... READ MORE

Art classes to inspire your inner Picasso

By: Carol Sorgen
Posted on: January 24, 2011

Every Wednesday and Thursday, mornings and afternoons alike, the residents of Keswick Multi-Care Center in Baltimore have the opportunity to participate in a creative arts program that is at once both a form of recreational therapy and an artistic outlet.The program began in 1997 when local artist and teacher Joan Kelly proposed the idea to Keswick. Kelly began by taking a cart filled with... READ MORE