With age comes Wizdom, hip-hop

By: Barbara Ruben

In her early 20s, back in 1977, she took to the basketball court at half-time as part of the first cheerleading-dance team for the Washington Bullets. For the next four years, she was a Bullette, wearing high-cut red hot pants and red wedge shoes to shimmy across the court. Some years later, the Bullets rebranded as the Wizards, and the Bullettes became the Wizard Girls. When that dance... READ MORE

Life’s a dance for ex-Rockette

By: Robert Friedman

Howard County resident Anne Berk, who happens to be the world’s oldest Rockette, figuratively kicked up her heels the other day in Columbia while moving and grooving with the help of a walker for a special celebration: her 100th birthday. “Don’t complain, and keep a good sense of humor,” was the advice Berk offered to those in attendance. The party was held at Winter Growth... READ MORE

Transforming steel into art

By: Carol Berkower

It has been 12 years since the metal sculptor David Aaron Friedheim returned to Baltimore from San Francisco with his wife, ceramic artist Trisha Kyner, and on this day he is in a reflective mood. “I wake up not knowing whether I’ve been an incredible success or an abject failure,” said the 59-year-old New York native and alumnus of Maryland Institute College of Art. “How could I ... READ MORE

Entertainer says it all started with Santa

By: Martha Steger

Were you in Richmond for Christmas between 1971 and 1991? If so, Donna Strother Deekens is probably part of your holiday memories, whether you know it or not. If you were a child, parent or perhaps very young grandparent who made the trek to see Santa in downtown Richmond, or read about Santaland in the local newspapers, then you probably saw Deekens as the Snow Queen — Santa’s... READ MORE

Reaching out to older Muslims

By: Barbara Ruben

Nargis Rehman worries about her father, who is ill and lives alone. Over 50 herself, she has limited energy after work to help him, and has had a difficult time finding someone to drive him to the mosque for prayers. “He sits in the house and can’t travel; has no money. He’s very ill. Nobody comes to visit. He’s lonely. I have to work, and when I get home, I’m just... READ MORE

Why save a segregated school?

By: Robert Friedman

Jessup native Bessie Bordenave attended the last segregated school in the Howard County Public School System — all the students, teachers and staff were African-American. She graduated in 1962, three years before the school was shut down. Today, the 74-year-old Bordenave still carries “beautiful memories” in her head — and in her heart — of Columbia’s Harriet Tubman High... READ MORE