Is medical marijuana for you?

By: Barbara Ruben and Robert Friedman

Washington Beacon Two years ago, Scott Deiter ruptured several discs in his neck. Four neck surgeries later, “between the residual pain from the surgeries and daily migraines, I really couldn’t function because of the pain,” he said. Deiter felt opioid pain medication impaired him too much to work, so he turned to cannabis “in desperation.” “It worked the first time ... READ MORE

Heated book on climate change

By: Robert Friedman

“I really believe it is the greatest challenge of this century — that our children and grandchildren will suffer significantly in their lives if we do not act.” That’s the message that geologist, environmental scientist and author Ned Tillman, 68, would like to convey as he writes, speaks and takes whatever steps he can to help slow down what he believes could become a calamitous ... READ MORE

Recalling Unitas vs. Shula

By: Carol Sorgen

Jack Gilden first heard the little-publicized story of the acrimonious relationship between Baltimore Colts legend Johnny Unitas and former Colts player-turned-winning-coach Don Shula when he was a 15-year-old student attending a journalism conference at the former Colts training complex in Owings Mills. “Even at that time I thought, ‘That would be a great book,’” said the... READ MORE

He teaches life lessons so kids can thrive

By: Glenda C. Booth

During his working career, Bob Argabright, 76, was a “turnaround specialist” with the Chesapeake Packaging Corporation. When an operating unit had problems, the packaging company sent him to trouble spots to find solutions. Today, Argabright is a turnaround specialist of a different kind. Almost every day since his 2004 retirement, he has gone from his condominium in The Bluffs to... READ MORE

A local podcasting pioneer

By: Barbara Ruben

In 2014, Paul Vogelzang found himself packing up his desk at computer technology company Oracle as part of a company layoff. “That was a shock to the system in every way,” said Vogelzang, who lives in Reston, Va. “At 58, it was tough to get a job, particularly in the technology sector, which apparently wants to have a younger workforce. It was a rough kind of divorce, in the sense... READ MORE

Is medical marijuana for you?

By: Robert Friedman

Howard County Beacon After two surgeries and many downed opioid pills, Stephanie Brooks, 60, still suffered “spinal pain, depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping,” she said. So Brooks (not her real name) decided to visit Remedy Columbia, one of six state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Howard County, to try one of the thousands of different strains of cannabis... READ MORE