When heartburn leads to heartache

By: Carol Sorgen

Mindy Mintz Mordecai is a familiar face to many from her years serving as a reporter and program host on Maryland Public Television, WBAL channel 11, and WYPR-FM, where she was named Baltimore’s Best Radio Talk Show Host by the Baltimore City Paper.As recently as five years ago, Mordecai had a successful career as both a broadcast reporter and attorney. She was also happily married to ... READ MORE

Sharing African American heritage

By: Robert Friedman

In 1963, Wylene Burch was living in Berlin, Germany, with her husband, an Army officer, and their two small children.“It was the time of the assassinations of President Kennedy and Medgar Evers and of the civil rights movement. My daughter, DeLace, who was 9 at the time, was old enough to know that something was going on in America,” Burch said. “So I started teaching my... READ MORE

Honoring the valley’s veterans

By: Connie George

Coachella Valley’s military veterans are receiving special attention through a project spearheaded by a former Army staff sergeant and weapons expert who seems to be uniquely suited to the job.Mike Pierson’s two tours of duty in Vietnam, combined with his profession as a private investigator and extensive community involvement, provide him ideal qualifications for establishing a ... READ MORE

A couple of ‘critical’ importance

By: Barbara Ruben

Rich Massabny owes his long career as a critic — as well as his long marriage — to a serendipitous visit to the Northern Virginia Sun newspaper 50 years ago on the off chance they might be hiring.“I was walking in to look for a job and this guy said, ‘I’m leaving this place. Do you know showbiz, kid?’ And what do you think I answered?” Massabny... READ MORE

Easier way to start a business

By: Barbara Ruben

After working a 9 to 5 job for decades, whether for a big company, the federal government or both, taking the leap to become an independent contractor can feel liberating. No more mind-numbing commute or bosses parsing the minutia of every project. Perhaps there might even be room for a Friday morning round of golf.At least, that’s what Ward Mannering was hoping when he decided to... READ MORE

The keeper of Columbia’s past

By: Robert Friedman

The urban planners come from Korea, China, Belarus, California and Pennsylvania, all wanting to know the same thing: “How did Columbia do it?”How were some 15,000 acres of farm land turned into a city of 100,000 residents often rated, along with nearby Ellicott City, as one of the most livable communities anywhere?The questions are put to Columbia Archives Director Barbara... READ MORE