A spirit for civic leadership

By: Connie George

Considering the vast number of civic responsibilities she must balance on a regular basis, La Quinta Mayor Pro Tem Terry B. Henderson is a remarkably relaxed person.“My hobbies are what I do,” she said good-naturedly of the community, valley, county, state and national leadership roles she has held for nearly 20 years.Her coinciding commitments have included work not only with... READ MORE

Fertile area for farmers’ markets

By: Barbara Ruben

Plump strawberries perfume the air next to leafy heads of romaine lettuce and spears of asparagus picked hours before at Bigg Riggs Farm in West Virginia.The smells mix with the scent of kettle corn popped from corn picked at an Anne Arundel County farm, while a nearby vendor sells ice pops in exotic flavors — from hibiscus to cucumber chili to strawberry ginger lemonade — all... READ MORE

Deanna Bogart and all that jazz

By: Robert Friedman

Deanna Bogart has often had to battle her way into playing music the way she wanted in a genre dominated by men.As a middle school student, she yearned to wail on the saxophone like Charlie Parker and Ben Webster. Instead, she was handed a clarinet and told, “This is what girls play.”“I was 11 years old and I knew that wasn’t right,” Bogart said. “But ... READ MORE

Anne Tyler, still making it all up

By: Hillel Italie

In Anne Tyler’s Baltimore living room, you could shelve virtually all the books under a single heading: fiction.Eudora Welty. John Updike. Vladimir Nabokov. Reynolds Price. A rare brush with fact is More Matter, a collection of Updike’s essays and criticism. Otherwise, don’t expect any works of history or politics. Biographies? What’s the point? She knows how the ... READ MORE

Paths to community service

By: Barbara Ruben

After 9/11, Tufail Ahmad felt that Muslim Americans like himself needed to become more involved in political and charitable endeavors in the larger community. As a result, he helped found the Montgomery County Muslim Council, which provides food to thousands of homeless and low-income residents, among other charitable acts. Ahmad and Ruby Rubens, a Silver Spring fair housing and... READ MORE

Lifetime of passion for music

By: Carol Sorgen

Ed Polochick considers himself one of the luckiest guys in the world. “I get to do what I love,” said the soon-to-be 60-year-old conductor of Concert Artists of Baltimore. “No one can be more passionate about their profession than I am.”It’s that passion that inspired Polochick to found the Baltimore Symphony Chamber Singers in 1981 in order to give area... READ MORE