Powerlifter pushes herself to new heights

By: Catherine Brown

The year was 1986, and 40-year-old Linda Odum had a goal: to earn a spot on the U.S. Taekwondo team — a demonstration sport debuting at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Because she was older than her competitors, she felt she needed to step up her game and become stronger. She knew increased strength could give her the edge to make the team. Having come of age when women were not... READ MORE

Raising awareness of dementia

By: Barbara Ruben

It began with forgetting appointments and the slow erosion of remembering names, before losing the keys only to find them in the freezer. Eventually, like many Alzheimer’s patients, Anita Dahan began to walk out of her home in Rockville, Md., wandering the neighborhood lost and afraid to ask for help. Married 52 years to her husband Fernand, “she made my life heaven on earth,”... READ MORE

Designing sparkling careers

By: Carol Sorgen

Dr. Lori Gottlieb’s eyes started to blur and she developed double vision about 14 years ago, but numerous surgeries couldn’t help her. She realized that her life as a general surgeon was over, so she walked away from her medical career. Still being good with her hands, she turned to crafts. For a while, because her eyes function at varying levels throughout the day, she was making... READ MORE

Premiere brings Matisse to life

By: Robert Friedman

After more than 100 years, the art collecting Cone sisters of Baltimore, the great French artist Henri Matisse, and the modernist literary icon Gertrude Stein are together again — on stage, at least, at the Howard County Community College in Columbia. They are the leading characters in All She Must Possess, a world premiere play by Baltimorean Susan McCully, being presented at the Rep... READ MORE

Mural artist makes the city his canvas

By: Glenda C. Booth

When he sees a nondescript wall or side of a building, “Sir” James Thornhill sees art. To him, it’s like a blank canvas waiting for artistic reinvention. Thornhill literally “paints the town,” with colorful murals that honor heroes and heroines — especially local notables associated with the historic district of Jackson Ward, a section of Richmond known as the “Birthplace... READ MORE

Missions to help heal the world

By: Barbara Ruben

In the remote village of Cerro Iglesias, in a mountainous region of Panama, Pastor Micah Davis arduously mixed cement by hand and spread it to create bases for huge water storage containers that would pave the way for the village’s first running water. Then, Davis went to a nearby city to pick up supplies when a torrential rain began to fall. “It was just [coming down as] solid... READ MORE