Buying into a 2nd (or 3rd) career

By: Barbara Ruben

Earl Reed’s wide-ranging career took him from flying fighter planes in Vietnam, to setting up a chain of drug stores in Moscow, to advising the Department of Homeland Security on how to prevent nuclear weapon components from entering the country.But last year, at the age of 67 — a time when some other people might start counting the days until retirement — Reed took his... READ MORE

Broom sweeps across stages

By: Carol Sorgen

One might call Maria Broom a Jill-of-all-trades, at least when it comes to the performing arts. The native Baltimorean — who saw her first ballet at the age of 6 and thought to herself, ”This is it” — has made a life, and a living, as a dancer, actress and storyteller.She is a familiar face from HBO’s renowned Baltimore-based crime series “The... READ MORE

If it’s so much fun, is it work?

By: Barbara Ruben

Imagine spending half the year with roller coasters on the horizon, the smell of funnel cakes in the air, and Bugs Bunny as one of your closest friends.Ruth McDonald enjoys just that as a seasonal employee at Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Md. At age 84 she is the park’s oldest employee, showing workers one-fifth her age the ropes each year as the summer season swings into high... READ MORE

Mind your own business, kids

By: Carol Sorgen and Stuart Rosenthal

The little town has a lovely central square surrounded by shops with well-known logos above their doors. There’s a local bank, radio station, office supply, pizza shop, newspaper, insurance agency and more.Each day, the 100 or so “employees” who arrive around 9 a.m. to run the show in all these businesses are 5th and 6th grade students from public schools throughout... READ MORE

Centenarians club growing fast

By: Barbara Ruben

Lois Leyda turns 108 next month, and yet she is only the second-oldest person living in the District of Columbia.Born in Saskatchewan two years before it became a Canadian province, Leyda’s roots in Washington go back almost 70 years, to her job as social director of Washington’s Wardman Park Hotel in the 1940s. There, she met political figures like Winston Churchill and Mamie... READ MORE

Area athletes shoot for the gold

By: Carol Sorgen

Baltimoreans were justifiably proud of Michael Phelps’s historic medal count in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. But there are other Olympic-level athletes in town who prove that added years don’t necessarily mean their medal-winning days are behind them.At the upcoming Summer National Senior Games, to be held June 16 to 30 in Houston, 230 older athletes from all over Maryland... READ MORE