Is it so terribly strange to be 70?

By: Bruben
Posted on: May 25, 2011

Bob Dylan turned 70 yesterday. Fresh from playing concerts in China and Taiwan, he’ll jet on to Ireland, England, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Norway — and that’s just in June alone.I heard strains of his Fourth of July concert last year while he played in a sold-out outdoor amphitheater in Limerick, Ireland. As I stood across the Shannon River from the ... READ MORE

In fund we trust — not

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: May 15, 2011

In my column last month, I wrote about the federal budget deficit and touched on the role Social Security and its so-called trust fund play. I know from a number of groups I’ve spoken to that many of you still trust in that trust fund and feel that Social Security will remain solvent for years as a result of it. There wasn’t space in my column last month to elaborate on why I... READ MORE

Up in smoke?

By: Bruben
Posted on: April 01, 2011

The current cover story in our Baltimore issue focuses on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana in Maryland. When we reported the story, legislators in the General Assembly were grappling with whether Maryland should become the 16th state (plus the District of Columbia) to legalize dispensing of marijuana for such serious medical conditions as cancer or glaucoma.Since the issue was... READ MORE

Shingles belong on the roof

By: Bruben
Posted on: March 25, 2011

It seemed at first as if a small insect were flapping its wings under the skin of my forehead. Over the next two days, that odd, feathery, tingling sensation transformed into a torrent of pain that extended from my scalp into my brain. Yet there wasn’t a single outward sign of whatever was going on inside.Still, before I could even finish describing the trajectory of my symptoms, my... READ MORE

Tooting our horn

By: Stuart Rosenthal
Posted on: February 17, 2011

Recently, the North American Mature Publishers Association presented its annual journalism awards.I am pleased to say the Baltimore Beacon once again won top honors for papers in the 50,001-100,000 circulation category. And the Washington Beacon, produced by our same staff, fared similarly for publications in the 100,000-plus circulation category.Both publications took Best of Show honors... READ MORE

Breaking barriers

By: Bruben
Posted on: February 09, 2011

The ABC drama “Brothers & Sisters” revolves around a widow played by Sally Field and her five grown children, in whose lives she meddles incessantly. The series broke new ground last year when the 70-year-old character who plays Field’s brother was diagnosed with HIV.Saul, played by Ron Rifkin, is gay and came out of the closet only a few years back. In an episode last ... READ MORE