Fitness bands that won’t break the bank

By Jeff Bertolucci
Posted on July 24, 2015

Whether you want to lose weight or simply stay fit, electronic fitness trackers may be able to help. Fitness bands, often worn around the wrist like bracelets, are designed to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated. Many of them are used to set fitness goals, track the amount of calories burned, and the distance walked or run. They can even monitor your heart rate and sleep... READ MORE

Smart mirrors help boost clothing sales

By Anne D’Innocenzio
Posted on July 03, 2015

Imagine a fitting room with a “smart’’ mirror that suggests jeans to go with the red shirt you brought in. It snaps a video so you can compare the image side-by-side with other colorful shirts you try on. It might even show you how the shirt will fit without you having to undress.A handful of primarily upscale retailers, including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, are testing... READ MORE

Man controls robotic arm with his thoughts

By Alicia Chang
Posted on June 26, 2015

A man paralyzed by gunshot more than a decade ago can shake hands, drink beer, and play “rock, paper, scissors’’ by controlling a robotic arm with his thoughts, researchers reported.Two years ago, doctors in California implanted a pair of tiny chips into the brain of Erik Sorto that decoded his thoughts to move the free-standing robotic arm. The 34-year-old has been... READ MORE

Auto safety technology is cool, but costly

By Dee-Ann Durbin
Posted on June 08, 2015

Drivers want more collision-prevention technology in their cars, but there is a limit to how much they will pay.Blind spot detection, night vision and collision avoidance systems — which automatically apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t react in time — are the top three technologies drivers want on their next cars, according to a study released recently by the... READ MORE

Data breaches threaten patient records

By Lindsey Tanner
Posted on June 01, 2015

Your private medical information is under threat. That’s according to a study that found almost 30 million health records nationwide were involved in criminal theft, malicious hacking or other data breaches over four years. The incidents seem to be increasing.Compromised information included patients’ names, home addresses, ages, illnesses, test results or Social Security... READ MORE

Financial apps to help you trim spending

By Alex Veiga
Posted on May 22, 2015

Joshua Levinson was about to splurge on some exercise equipment, but a personal finance app on his smartphone gave him a friendly reminder: He’d just recently dropped $150 for Valentine’s Day.“When I looked at that, I was like ‘OK, this has been an expensive week,’” said the 22-year-old college student.That notification, flashed by the Mint Personal... READ MORE

Robots become investment opportunity

By Anne Kates Smith
Posted on April 25, 2015

Robots are an increasingly important and widespread segment of the workforce. The auto industry remains the largest market for robots. But they can also be found neutralizing land mines for the military, fulfilling orders in warehouses, and assisting in surgical procedures in hospitals.The International Federation of Robotics estimates that 1.3 to 1.6 million industrial robots are in use.... READ MORE

Fluctuating online prices stump shoppers

By Anne D’Innocezio
Posted on April 20, 2015

Online shopping has become as volatile as stock market trading. Wild, minute-by-minute price swings on everything from clothes to TVs have made it difficult for shoppers to “buy low.”A growing number of retailers are using software that changes online prices based on demand, competition, inventory and other factors. The main goal is to undercut rivals when necessary, and raise... READ MORE

Fairfax volunteers offer free tech advice

By Rebekah Sewell
Posted on April 03, 2015

Fairfax county resident and avid music fan Bill Behnke, 69, was having some iPod issues. His son-in-law had set him up with the popular “Internet radio” station Pandora, which can be listened to on multiple digital devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. But he couldn’t get it to play in his car.Unlike traditional radio, Pandora allows users to select the... READ MORE

PCs, laptops aim to compete with tablets

By Brandon Bailey
Posted on March 25, 2015

A year ago, pundits were declaring the personal computer dead. Smartphones and tablets were cannibalizing sales, and the once-revolutionary PC seemed unnecessary — and boring.Sure, a smartphone is great for checking emails, snapping photos and playing games. Tablets are perfect for watching videos and shopping online. But don’t count the PC out just yet. Manufacturers are... READ MORE