Drug study will try to reverse Alzheimer’s

By: Barbara Ruben

With 5.7 million Americans already living with Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is expected to more than double in 30 years, researchers are racing to find the culprits that lead to the memory loss and confusion Alzheimer’s disease can cause. One suspect is a type of protein in the brain called beta-amyloid. Researchers believe fragments of this protein can accumulate and stick... READ MORE

Better early dementia detection is urged

By: Marilynn Marchione and Lindsey Tanner

Too few people with signs of mental decline or dementia are getting checked during routine medical visits or told when a problem is found, according to a panel of Alzheimer’s disease experts who offered new guidance this summer. The idea is to get help sooner for people whose minds are slipping — even if there’s no cure. Though mental decline can be an uncomfortable topic for... READ MORE

Viruses may play a role in Alzheimer’s

By: Lauran Neergaard

Viruses that sneak into the brain just might play a role in Alzheimer’s, scientists reported in a provocative study that promises to reignite some long-debated theories about what triggers the mind-robbing disease. The findings don’t prove viruses cause Alzheimer’s, nor do they suggest it’s contagious. But a team led by researchers at New York’s Mount Sinai Health System found... READ MORE

‘Memory books’ can spark recollections

By: Melissa Rayworth

Family photo albums can help jog an elderly friend or relative’s memories, but consider taking the photo book idea one step further: Create a “memory book” that combines personal photos with brief family stories and historical information. These can be used to help people struggling with memory loss, and give younger family members a window into older relatives’ lives. Memory... READ MORE

Raising awareness of dementia

By: Barbara Ruben

It began with forgetting appointments and the slow erosion of remembering names, before losing the keys only to find them in the freezer. Eventually, like many Alzheimer’s patients, Anita Dahan began to walk out of her home in Rockville, Md., wandering the neighborhood lost and afraid to ask for help. Married 52 years to her husband Fernand, “she made my life heaven on earth,”... READ MORE