Painters pick up a palette after long careers

By: Carol Sorgen

The winners of the Painting and Drawing division of the Beacon’s Celebration of the Arts competition prove the adage “it’s never too late.” Three winners and 12 honorable mentions were selected from among 418 entries in the competition. Most of these talented painters had long, fulfilling careers in other fields. Only after retirement did our top winners take up the art form as a ... READ MORE

Winning photographers’ unique worldview

By: Carol Sorgen

Whether they’re exploring the world at large or right outside their window, the award-winning photographers of the Beacon’s Celebration of the Arts see the world through a different lens — both literally and figuratively. Whether you’re inspired, entertained, enchanted or awe-struck, you will be sure to be touched by what they have seen and chosen to show us. The following... READ MORE

Multi-dimensional artists show their skill

By: Robert Friedman

Sculpture, jewelry, pottery, mixed-media and more comprised the 172 entries in the Sculpture/Jewelry/Pottery/Mixed Media category of the Beacon’s Celebration of the Arts. Here’s a look at the three top winners. First place Nathalie Pouliquen, Bethesda, Md. “I intend to pay tribute to the reality of the world, to its beauty — apparent or hidden,” said painter-sculptor... READ MORE

Wide variety of creative poetry submitted

By: Rebekah Alcalde

From children’s poems to narrative-style storytelling, the poetry category of the Beacon’s Celebration of the Arts saw many submissions from all types of poets, each with their unique style and themes. There were no restrictions on the genre of poetry, and poets did not disappoint with their creativity. The 124 entries were judged by Wendy R. Kaplan, poet laureate of the City of... READ MORE

A tough job faced the Celebration’s jurors

By: Barbara Ruben

With more than 900 paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, poems and other works of art submitted to the Beacon’s Celebration of the Arts, the four jurors had their work cut out for them. “It’s refreshing to see unique perspectives of how people view and document the world,” said Noe Todorovich, executive director of Exposed DC, who judged the more than 200 entries in the... READ MORE

Members of the Celebration advisory board

By: The Beacon

In addition to the jurors, profiled here, a panel of advisors from a spectrum of organizations and companies helped shape and support the Celebration of the Arts. Members are: • Rosie Allen-Herring, president and CEO of the United Way of the National Capital Area. Formerly, she was the Managing Director of the Community Investment and Engagement Division at Fannie Mae. Allen-Herring... READ MORE