Save on airfare, lodging and more in London

By: Michelle Locke

The sun-kissed scenes from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s storybook wedding at Windsor may have put you in the mood to visit the Old Country. But what if you’re just looking to feel like a prince (or princess), not spend like one? Here are a few tips on enjoying London on a budget. (Just don’t count on the sunshine that blessed the royal wedding in a place where, on average,... READ MORE

Exploring Sicily’s wide range of pleasures

By: Victor Block

“You can steal my money, but not my food.” “If lunch or dinner doesn’t have at least five courses, it’s just a snack.” “If you want things to go exactly as planned, don’t come here.” These words spoken by Alessio, our tour guide in Sicily from Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), say a lot about the island. Because Alessio dearly loves his homeland, his comments also... READ MORE

A look at new ships and trends in cruising

By: Beth J. Harpaz

What’s new in cruising this year? As usual, there’s lots of razzle-dazzle — laser tag, water slides, zip lines and massive LED screens — along with a continued emphasis on healthy lifestyle options, from dining to fitness. But there are also changes underway in ship design, itineraries and who’s cruising. New ships are offering more outdoor spaces and views of the sea —... READ MORE

How tiny Andorra enchants its visitors

By: Glenda C. Booth

We were sitting on a bench-sized rock in a sunny, mint-green meadow sprinkled with wildflowers, scattered evergreens and granite outcroppings. About 1,000 feet up in the distance, the silhouettes of horses appeared on the ridge — one, two, another, then another — a herd of 50 or so wild horses. They gently picked their way down a twisty mountain path, then to the meadow’s edge... READ MORE

Understanding new State Dept. advisories

By: Ed Perkins

The U.S. State Department recently revised the way it classifies risks you face when visiting other countries. Each country gets a risk rating of one to four, replacing the old “warning” system. In practice, it looks like the new system will provide more useful risk assessments, but the utility of recommended precautions you should take in response to risks is underwhelming. The... READ MORE

A day spent amidst the Malecon mayhem

By: Fyllis Hockman

So I heard that you could spend from dawn to dusk on the seaside promenade known as the Malecon, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and never get bored. And I thought, “OK, I’m up for that challenge.” And yes, the Malecon is a 1.5-mile delight, bordered by shops on one side and the Bay of Banderas on the other. I was initially struck by the preponderance of unusual brass sculptures... READ MORE