Bringing a lifetime of experience to writing

By: Carol Sorgen

It’s never too late to become a published poet (or a writer of any genre, for that matter). Just look at Shirley Brewer. The 70-year-old Charles Village resident wrote poetry while she was in high school and college, but then put her writing aside as she worked as a speech therapist for 32 years. “I used poetry with my clients to help them with their pronunciation,” Brewer said. ... READ MORE

Ways to celebrate National Poetry Month

By: The Beacon

April is National Poetry Month, and there are numerous readings and events throughout the area in celebration. Many venues also offer poetry events year round. Here are a few options. Split This Rock Poetry Festival This biennial festival will take place April 19 to 21. Subtitled Poems of Provocation & Witness, the event gathers more than 700 poets and activists for readings,... READ MORE

Making sense of the world

By: Barbara Ruben

[Publisher’s note: Sometimes life sends us groping for answers. That’s generally true, for example, during our teenage years. But it’s also the case after the loss of a loved one or a personal setback. We may also search for words when we’re moved by intense feelings for natural beauty. For example, see our travel story on the tiny paradise nation of Andorra. But even in... READ MORE

Expressing our inner essence

By: Robert Friedman

Iambic pentameter, free verse, quatrains and a haiku or two will resound around Howard Community College on April 26, as students, local writers and prize-winning poets Marilyn Chin and Joseph Ross gather on the Columbia campus for the 10th annual Blackbird Poetry Festival. The all-day event, co-sponsored by HCC and HoCoPoLitSo (the Howard County Poetry and Literary Society), will be... READ MORE