Fresh corn shines in salmon corn chowder

By: Katie Workman

Certain foods just need to be made and eaten at least once a summer. Corn chowder (or chowdah, as my in-laws would say) is one. And if you are in a place where the ears of fresh sweet corn are piled high at the market (often for pennies an ear), then you must make it more than once. There are lots of ways to go — simple, seafood, creamy, chunky. This recipe is loaded with nuggets of ... READ MORE

Flavorful, warm roasted peach dessert

By: AP

It might seem impossible to improve on a perfect peach, but we decided to try. We wanted a simple, warm dessert that amplified the peaches’ flavor. To achieve tender, flavorful peaches with a lightly sweet glaze, we began by tossing peeled and halved peaches with a little sugar, salt, and lemon juice to season the fruit and extract some juice. To help the peaches heat through and... READ MORE

‘Instant’ chicken takes the pressure off

By: Melissa D’Arabian

Not a day goes by that I don’t get a recipe request or question about the Instant Pot. So, dear readers, today is the day for my starter recipe for you Instant Pot (Multi-Pot, etc.) fans. I’ll start by pointing out that we are really talking about here is an automated, easy-to-use electric pressure cooker. I hear a collective sigh of recognition from a whole generation of... READ MORE

Try stuffed tomatoes instead of peppers

By: Melissa D’Arabian

Does your meatless Monday game need an overhaul? As a meat-eater myself, I find that the trick to meatless meal-making is to have a small repertoire of recipes that can work as a side dish or first course, or be eaten in larger quantities as a vegetarian main dish. This is the same strategy I use when hosting a vegetarian in my home. Today’s Quinoa-Stuffed Tomatoes fits the bill... READ MORE

Coconut milk and curry elevate chicken dish

By: Melissa D’Arabian

Boneless skinless chicken breasts save the day for so many busy folks who want to get a lean, protein-filled, affordable dinner on the table in a hurry. I always have a package or two in my freezer. I buy them when they are on super-sale (which they are every four to six weeks in my experience) and freeze them. Even if I forget to pop the frozen chicken in the fridge to thaw the night ... READ MORE

Comforting lentil soup doesn’t need meat

By: Melissa D’Arabian

Rich bean soups are classic winter comfort food. They are filling, healthy and inexpensive, making them a worthy addition to the menu rotation. The downside to dried bean cookery is the time it takes to soak and then cook beans. Canned beans are a reasonable substitute, although they cost more than three times the price of their dried, bagged counterparts. An easy, money-saving... READ MORE