Five upcoming plays with Jewish themes

By: The Beacon

In August, September and October, five theaters in Montgomery County will produce plays with Jewish themes. It’s entirely a “happy coincidence,” says David Fialkoff of the newly formed Jewish Community Theater of Montgomery County (JCTMC), as the plays were not planned to coincide. As its name suggests, the group is dedicated to presenting plays and musicals in the county about... READ MORE

Marvelous musical revisits 1940s New York

By: Michael Toscano

So you’re still annoyed or let down that you can’t get in, or can’t afford, to see Hamilton? Well, here’s a theater-insider’s secret: go to Olney Theatre Center for their splendiferous production of the musical On the Town, and you will have just as much fun and just as much sublime pleasure, for much less money and bother. Go ahead: feel smug. You’re saving on astronomical... READ MORE

Ghostly matters raised in ‘The Quickening’

By: Dan Collins

According to Wikipedia, “quickening” refers to the moment in pregnancy when “the woman starts to feel or perceive fetal movements in the uterus…the word, ‘quick,’ originally meant ‘alive.’” In award-winning local playwright Mark Scharf’s modern gothic tale, The Quickening, it’s the moment when one’s spirit — what constitutes one’s true self — takes... READ MORE

See Shakespeare under the summer sky

By: Robert Friedman

Summer is a comin’ in, which means that Shakespeare plays are moving out to stages under the stars. There is something about Shakespeare that suits outdoor productions very well. There are struggles against universal forces through beautiful language; a largeness of images; sometimes a need to conjure up magic. And there are powerful themes with stories so strong, yet still... READ MORE

Moving dark comedy packs a message

By: Michael Toscano

It’s amazing how little it takes for the sound of water to quickly transform from peaceful sloshes and ripples to a mighty, fearful roar. One moment you’re being calmed and relaxed. Suddenly, you’re powerless, swept away and helpless in the malevolent grip of an unyielding and mighty force. That’s just the first switch that playwright Gabrielle Reisman layers in for us in her... READ MORE

What’s onstage this summer and beyond

By: Robert Friedman

While Kennedy Center gets set to pack ‘em in this summer, several revivals of other award-winning and audience-arousing musicals — such as Mamma Mia!, Ain’t Misbehavin’ and Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street — are set for staging by Howard County theater groups. Mamma Mia! will be moving and grooving at Toby’s Dinner Theater soon. The play, inspired by the songs... READ MORE