Use care if giving your home to children

By: Tracy Craig

A house is typically one of the most valuable assets someone owns, both financially and sentimentally. It makes sense, then, that out of love and generosity, many parents want to give their houses to their children during their lives or pass them down as an inheritance. It’s difficult to imagine that giving your child your family home could backfire, but it might — especially if you... READ MORE

Away during the winter? Prep your house

By: Mary Kane

As the temperature drops and months of cold weather loom ahead, snowbirds pack up for warmer climates, anticipating sunny days free of freezing ice, snow shoveling and other winter worries. But if you’re not careful to prepare your home before you travel thousands of miles to your warmer destination, that escape won’t be so carefree. “You just don’t know what can happen when... READ MORE

Devices let you grow vegetables indoors

By: Tracee M. Herbaugh

You don’t need a green thumb to grow vegetables indoors. On the contrary, there are plenty of indoor greenhouses that take the work out of growing plants — from the amount of water they get to the right dosage of light. One of these indoor greenhouses (referred to as “automated growing systems”) was created by six engineering students at Rice University. Aside from planting the... READ MORE

Educational options around Baltimore

By: Carol Sorgen

If you miss school — but not the homework or exams — look into the many continuing education programs offered around the Baltimore area. From aerobics to zoology, there is sure to be something to pique your interest. Below we describe a few. Contact those of interest to find out costs and other details. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University The Osher Foundation... READ MORE

Decluttering frees space, lifts the soul

By: Beth Brophy

You don’t need to be facing retirement or a move to decide it’s time to create more breathing room in your life. The practice is liberating at any age, according to Virginia Onufer, 52, of Chevy Chase, Md., a writer who works from home. Recently, Onufer, with the help of a professional organizer, cleared her 1,800-square-foot house of 30 tall kitchen bags stuffed with kitchen... READ MORE

Making moving less stressful

By: Carol Sorgen

When Joanne and Martin Neff moved from their large, multi-level home in New York to their new three-bedroom apartment in Pikesville’s North Oaks Senior Living Community, the move could have been daunting, to say the least. “Nobody likes chaos,” said Joanne. But after a friend suggested that a move manager could ease the transition, the Neffs turned to Charna Kinneberg, owner of... READ MORE