Books offer advice on aging gracefully

By: Dinah Rokach

It’s autumn, the season that has long been used as a metaphor for the onset of age. So it’s a good time to review books that show us how to enrich the golden years emotionally, physically and mentally, and suggest ways to confront the challenges of aging. Reaching our senior years should be a clarion call for renewal, not a knell for lost youth. The RBG Workout: How She Stays... READ MORE

A local podcasting pioneer

By: Barbara Ruben

In 2014, Paul Vogelzang found himself packing up his desk at computer technology company Oracle as part of a company layoff. “That was a shock to the system in every way,” said Vogelzang, who lives in Reston, Va. “At 58, it was tough to get a job, particularly in the technology sector, which apparently wants to have a younger workforce. It was a rough kind of divorce, in the sense... READ MORE

Hair and there with rocker Rod Stewart

By: John Carucci

More than 50 years into his career, Rod Stewart shows no sign of slowing down. When he’s not on tour, he’s busy at home chasing his two young sons, Aiden and Alastair, around the yard. And on Sept. 28, he will release his 30th studio album, “Blood Red Roses.” While known for writing sultry songs — from “Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)” to “You’re In My Heart ... READ MORE

A large Irish family’s dance with memory

By: Dan Collins

Tony Award-winning playwright Brian Friel has been described as the “Irish Anton Chekhov.” In fact, Friel translated Chekhov’s The Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya, and then borrowed Andrey from the former and Sonya from the latter for his own one-act work, Afterplay, in 2002. But the connection between these two formidable writers is far more significant than this bit of “character ... READ MORE

Celebrating a visionary’s success

By: Carol Sorgen

Rebecca Hoffberger, founder and director of the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), turns 66 in late September. Most years, her birthday celebration is a cake shared with her staff as they install the upcoming year’s annual exhibition. This year, however, Hoffberger wants a different kind of celebration: She has chosen to honor a few of the individuals who inspire her through “an... READ MORE

Holly Lawn: Damaged home transformed

By: Martha Steger

A news story — especially one about a violent storm — takes on a life of its own. So it is with this year’s Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House at 4015 Hermitage Rd. The home chosen by the RSOL every other year, which area designers decorate, always brings “oohs” and “aahs” from visitors. But this year’s house will resonate with Richmond residents for... READ MORE